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Mind Control as a method to support the US Dollar

There is a paradox of capitalism, we’ve reached a point where those at the top, have an unlimited budget to maintain the status quo, increase their wealth, and develop an ever increasing sophisticated toolbox to manage empire and maintain their dominance.  As we explain in Splitting Pennies – this is no where more obvious than Forex.  The last 100 years we’ve seen capitalism evolve brightly.  Industries that shouldn’t be industries, now employ millions of workers.

Mind Control as a method to support the US Dollar

Paradigm shift, revolution artificially created by computer algorithm.

The political process, has been hacked by this technology.  And it’s all controlled by a central banking Elite – it’s all controlled by THEY (Them).  At the top of the pyramid of society, groups such as the CIA, MI6, KGB, Mossad, and others – are responsible for maintaining safety and security, that is, from change.  They cull the herd when necessary, whether it be a revolution in Libya, or bringing down the twin towers.  But these are all physical ops, their most important missions are the ones least talked about – that is, PsyOps, and most significantly, PsyOps that support the financial system.  I believe that if Zerohedge readers can understand this matrix, it will help make better more objective investing decisions.  Because although the market is a free entropic environment, it is controlled by humans, by institutions, and well – it’s only free when it’s allowed to be free.  These PsyOps are what make such a state of hypocrisy possible – otherwise, people would ‘wake up’ and realize that we are programmed with oxi moron hypocrisy.  “We had to bomb the village to save it.”




Tools for implementing mind control

The tools they use to implement mind control are very simple and have been around for 50 years – the most successful one is Television (TV).  According to testimony by CIA analyst who was involved in domestic PsyOps, he said when asked how can the average person avoid such programming, “Unplug your TV!”  In case you aren’t aware of modern mind control techniques, checkout this well compiled article by Activist Post about 10 methods commonly used.

Connection between global control and the US Dollar

The connection between the global social control paradigm and the US Dollar runs deep.  In support of the US Dollar, it’s important that people are blindly hypnotised into submission by using US Dollars.  This is more important than any Fed operations to prop the markets.  Because ultimately, the only real threat to the US Dollar is if people START THINKING.  At the end of the day, the US Dollar, like any fiat currency, provides a basic accounting service for economic activity.  Never before in history has a single currency enjoyed such widespread global use.

Marketing and propaganda campaigns in support of the USD do more than CIA operations in Switzerland

And the marketing and propaganda campaigns in support of the USD support it more than the Petro Dollar system, more than CIA operations in Switzerland, and more than any financial algorithm employed by groups such as the Plunge Protection Team (PPT).  Understanding something, isn’t criticizing – maybe it’s a good thing, maybe not – it’s not for the teacher to make any conclusive opinion.  It is however something that all investors should be aware of, especially those who are subject to daily Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) in support of this financial system.

Why is Hollywood so successful?  

Because they make magic – they make the artificial, seem real… if only for a few moments, it is enough to rewire your brain, already filled with advertising, chemicals in the food, air, and water, and various radio and radiation pumped into populated areas.  The Fed, controlled by a similar group of people like Hollywood is, also makes magic.  They make people believe in this paper they print numbers on called “Federal Reserve Notes” – even though it’s backed by nothing.


US Dollars are only backed by BELIEF and FAITH

in them – which is why Mind Control – or in more plain language, aggressive advertising; is necessary to support the US Dollar.

Maybe watching some of these lunatics that have coined phrases such as “King Dollar” are enough for the average busy businessman to be lulled into a sense of semi-consciousness, where rational, objective thought is impossible.

Buy buy buy.. drill drill drill.. Investors are whipped into a bullish frenzy easily with such programming.  They meet the first criteria – they are open to it.  Admitting you have a problem, is step number one.  The mind is like a parachute, you must open to use.  Not only that, they actually want to hear what TV personalities want to say, to help them make investing decisions!  I remember when I learned Bill OReilly wrote a book – I was shocked.  I didn’t think that someone with his mental disability could even read – let alone write!  (Still, I’m not sure he actually wrote any book, probably he hired someone to do it.)  Anyway, this guy is a great example of someone who fits the role needed to be played perfectly – slightly mentally retarded, aggressive abrasive personality, with a lot of opinions about meaningless issues that will guarantee that it is impossible to receive any valuable information by watching such a program.

So how does this all work? The Elite decided that financial services is for the elite, not for the people

People should work hard, obey, consume, watch sports, watch TV, eat and drink.

So they embed advertising in subtle ways, when discussing financial issues.  For example, during the 911 commission reports and investigation, there’s no mention of the post 911 US Dollar, or transactions that took place short USD just before 911.

Mind Control as a method to support the US DollarNo mention of Forex – no USD short.  No reports about the missing Gold from the Fed depository, which was at Ground Zero.  

This type of subtle manipulation goes on today.  It’s not what they say, it’s what they don’t say.  As long as the American population is fat, happy, and stupid – they will be happy to use US Dollars, which continually decline in value.

Brainwashing the US population critical to Dollar advertising campaign

Alternatives such as community currencies, gold, Bitcoin, and others – which are readily available for use – should be avoided at all costs.  Most Americans aren’t even aware that other currencies exist.  As we explain in our book Splitting Pennies – this brainwashing of the domestic population is critical to the global advertising campaign that supports the US Dollar.  The USD is the one world currency.  The Euro, backed by USD and run by CIA agent “Super Mario” – is simply the other side of the same coin.

The goal of this programming is simple – don’t question the US Dollar.  It’s not about convincing people to buy USD in a Forex account.  In fact, they’re betting that by not questioning the value of the USD or questioning the USD as an accounting functional currency, people aren’t going to want to trade Forex, where they can potentially hedge themselves from Forex exposure, or even make a fortune on Forex like Stan did.  What’s the point of this article?  Turn off your TV, or just obey.

They are investing billions to control your mind.  All they want is your time.  Just a few moments of your time.  It’s all they need.

Who cares, whatever, nevermind.

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