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Will You Be Visited by Ghosts of Financial Mistakes-past?

(12/1/23) The next James Bond movie should be called, "Convexity," starring Michael Lebowitz; looking at the Climate Summit: What's on Bill Gates' agenda? ESG is a farce; it's all about big business; eating bugs and drinking beetle juice. How to execute Thematic Investing; what are the rules needed to manage? The Magazine of Wall Street: How times have changed. Financial Ghosts-past: learning from your mistakes. Calculating your personal debt-to-income ratio, and our recommendations; the wisdom of waiting; wants vs needs. Careful of using online tools to calculate debt ratios (know the source!) "Standard Rules" vs reality. Home affordability and the trend toward smaller houses. Money Scripts & the $5 test: The Ratliff Safe (TM)

2:53 - Convexity & Climate Summits
14:12 - Thematic Investing & The Magazine of Wall Street
30:19 - Financial Ghosts: Learning from your mistakes
44:17 - Using Online Budgeting Tools & The Ratliff Safe
Hosted by RIA Advisors' Director of Financial Planning, Richard Rosso, CFP, w Senior Financial Advisor Danny Ratliff, CFP
Produced by Brent Clanton, Executive Producer
The latest installment of our new feature, Before the Bell, "Markets Need a Breather" is here: &list=PLwNgo56zE4RAbkqxgdj-8GOvjZTp9_Zlz&index=1
Our previous show is here: "Doing the Bond Math Amid Fiscal Dysfunction"
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"Context And Facts Expose Bearish Bond Narratives"
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Lance Roberts
Finally, financial news that makes sense. Lance Roberts, the host of "StreetTalkLive", has a unique ability to bring the complex world of economics, investing and personal financial wealth building to you in simple, easy and informative ways but also makes it entertaining to listen to at the same time.
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