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Physical Gold & Why I Hold it – Bubba Horwitz

Founder and CEO Todd Bubba Horwitz joins GoldCore TV’s Dave Russell to discuss the Great Reset, physical gold investment forthcoming stagflation . This is Bubba’s first appearance on GoldCore TV , and we’re delighted to welcome him.

When Dave spoke to Bubba, they covered a lot of ground: from the rock and a hard place that the Fed finds itself in, to the impact on the housing market, the Green New Deal, the oil price and, of course, the price of both gold and silver.

Show highlights include:

The Fed is stuck between a rock and a hard place

The impact on the housing market

What are the implications of the Green New Deal?

Are we going to see higher oil prices?

Might there be a gold backed currency on the horizon?

What is going on with the price of gold and silver?

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