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Episode 2 of The M3 report with Marc Faber


Inflation! Trading Places! Marc Faber! Chart Watch! That’s right, it’s episode two of The M3 Report.

It is finally here, what a great way to set you up for the week ahead. Subscribe here if you’re not already receiving alerts.

Our maiden episode was a huge success, and we have really enjoyed hearing everyone’s feedback. We are delighted to see how many new people are discovering the show each day. We really enjoyed making it and that’s why we’ve cracked on and brought you another episode!

Just like in episode one we’ve got great commentary from the GoldCore team and brilliant chart analysis from Gareth Soloway in Chart Watch.

Be sure to listen to Dr Marc Faber’s thoughts on inflation and government in as yet unseen clips from our recent chat with him.

And (our favourite bit this week) stay tuned for Trading Places, when we asked six of the best industry experts out there what they would do if they were in Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s shoes.

Let us know your thoughts on the show, as ever we welcome feedback whether on Youtube, by email or on Twitter.

Snail mail is nice too!

Watch episode two of The M3 Report now.

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Stephen Flood
Stephen Flood is the CEO of GoldCore. He is a former Wall Street equity trader and FinTech expert. He has been involved in the precious metals markets since 2004 and has appeared as an expert contributor on CNBC, CNN, BBC, RTE & Bloomberg TV and has had articles published in the Irish Times, Irish Independent and The Sunday Business Post.
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