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Keiser Report Interview: Peak Gold, Silver On Small Finite Planet

Peak Gold and Silver On “Small Finite Planet” With Near Infinite Currency
Peak gold and silver and the case for peak precious metals on “our small, finite planet” was the topic for discussion on the latest episode of the the Keiser Report.

(Max Keiser interview of Mark O’Byrne of GoldCore in 2nd half of show at 13 min 15 seconds)

Topics covered in the interview

– Small planet with finite resources including gold, silver
– Resources finite but near infinite creation of currency
– Derivatives and fiat currency creation going exponential
– Primary gold production fell in 2016 – Thomson Reuters
Peak gold – “biggest gold story not reported”
– Harder to pinpoint peak silver as is mining byproduct
– South African gold production is ‘canary in gold mine’
– SA gold production collapsed over 80% – from over 1,000 metric tonnes in 1970 to just 167.1 metric tonnes in 2016

– Price manipulation suppressing precious metals
– Supply demand deficits should result in “much higher prices” in the medium and long term
– Investors beginning to “see through the artificial nature of the sell offs” and accumulating on dips

Max and Stacy discuss the all talk, no action of young people and the ‘we’re going to rise up one day generation’ in the first half of the show. Central banks have become all talk, all action with their monetary revolution and currency debasement on a scale that the world has never seen before. They also look at how the UK enslaved itself in massive debt and is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the City of London.

South African Gold Production from 1940

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South African Gold Production from 1940

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Silver Prices (LBMA)

05 May: USD 16.27, GBP 12.58 & EUR 14.85 per ounce
04 May: USD 16.50, GBP 12.80 & EUR 15.09 per ounce
03 May: USD 16.85, GBP 13.04 & EUR 15.44 per ounce
02 May: USD 16.95, GBP 13.12 & EUR 15.53 per ounce
28 Apr: USD 17.41, GBP 13.45 & EUR 15.92 per ounce
27 Apr: USD 17.46, GBP 13.53 & EUR 16.02 per ounce
26 Apr: USD 17.59, GBP 13.72 & EUR 16.15 per ounce

Silver Price, May 2016 - May 2017

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Silver Price, May 2016 - May 2017

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Full story here
Mark O'Byrne
I founded GoldCore more than 10 years ago and it has been my passion and a huge part of my life ever since. I strongly believe that due to the significant macroeconomic and geopolitical risks of today, saving and investing a portion of one’s wealth in gold bullion is both wise and prudent.
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