Mark O'Byrne

Mark O'Byrne

I founded GoldCore more than 10 years ago and it has been my passion and a huge part of my life ever since. I strongly believe that due to the significant macroeconomic and geopolitical risks of today, saving and investing a portion of one’s wealth in gold bullion is both wise and prudent.

Articles by Mark O'Byrne

Trump To “Bully” Fed Into Printing Money – Negative for Stocks, Positive for Gold

Gold Price, 1971 - 1979

David McWilliams has written an interesting article in which he puts forward the case that Trump is likely to turn on the “enemy within,” the Federal Reserve and bully them into “printing money.” He points out that this was seen in 1971 when Nixon bullied the Fed into printing and debasing the dollar. McWilliams says this would be bad for stocks markets which would fall in value as was seen in the 1970s.

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Silver Production Has “Huge Decline” In 2nd Largest Producer Peru

Peru Silver Production, February 2016 - February 2017

Silver production sees “huge decline” in Peru. Production -12% in one month in 2nd largest producer. Silver decline is due to ‘exhaustion of reserves’ in Peru. GFMS recognise that ‘Peak Silver’ was reached in 2015. Global silver market had large net supply deficit in 2016. Silver rallied 13.5% in Q1 in 2017. Base metal production accounts for 56% of silver mining.

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Perth Mint Silver Bullion Sales Rise 43 percent In March

Perth Mint’s silver bullion sales rise 43% in March. Perth Mint’s monthly gold coin, bars sales fall 12%. Gold silver ratio of 32 – 32 times more silver ounces sold. Gold: 22,232 oz and Silver: 716,283 oz – bullion coins and minted bars sold. Gold is 2.6% higher and silver surged 3.1% in the shortened week with markets closed for Good Friday tomorrow.

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Gold Price Surges Above Key 200 Day Moving Average $1270 Level

Initial target for gold

Gold price breaks above key 200-day moving average. Gold hits 5-month high on back of investor nervousness. Safe haven has 10% gains in 2017 after 9% gains in 2016. Gold options signal more gains as ETF buying increases. Geopolitical uncertainty over North Korea & Middle East. Tensions high -World awaits US move & Russia response.

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Bank of England Rigging LIBOR – Gold Market Too?

Bank of England implicated in LIBOR scandal by BBC. “We’ve had some very serious pressure from the UK government and the Bank of England about pushing our Libors lower.” “This goes much much higher than me”- UBS’ Tom Hayes. Libor distraction as all markets are manipulated today. Central bank’s “rigging” bond markets and likely gold.

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Gold Silver Oil Spike After U.S. Bombs Syria

Gold Jumps

Gold silver oil spike after U.S. bombs Syria. Gold and silver spike 1% as oil rises 1.4%. Gold breaks 200 day moving average, 4th week of gains. Stocks fall after U.S. strikes in Syria rattle markets.  U.S. missiles hit airbase; Lavrov says no Russian casualties; Russia deploys cruise missile frigate to Syria.

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Gold, Silver Best Performing Assets In Q1, 2017

YTD 2017 Relative Performance

Gold, silver two of the best performing assets in the first quarter of 2017 with gains of  8% and 14% respectively. Gold outperforms benchmarks – S&P 500 up 6%, MSCI (All Country World Index) up 6.4% (see tables). Nasdaq and German DAX rise 11.8% and 7.6%. Silver best performing currency in quarter. Five best performing currencies in Q1 are in order – silver, bitcoin, Mexican peso, Russian ruble and gold.

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Brexit Gold Buying – UK Demand for Gold Bars Surges 39 percent

Gold Bars and UK GBP, Jan 2008 - 2017

As the UK triggered its formal departure from the European Union yesterday, gold demand from UK investors remained ongoing and robust with increased numbers of British investors diversifying into physical gold in order to hedge the considerable uncertainty and volatility that the coming months and years will bring.

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Peak Gold – Biggest Gold Story Not Being Reported

South Africa Gold Production

Peak gold – Biggest gold story not being reported. Gold ‘Mining Zombie Apocalypse’ caused miners to slash exploration budgets. Decline in gold production at world’s top 10 gold mining companies – Byron King. “No new big mines being built in the world today” – Glencore CEO Glasenberg. Primary global gold output declined in 2016 – Thomson Reuters via

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The Best Ways to Invest in Gold Today

Gold Britannias

The cost of buying and selling gold. How to buy gold on the cheap. How to avoid paying capital gains tax (CGT) on your gold. Open an account with one of the online bullion dealers – the likes of GoldMoney, GoldCore or Bullion Vault. Gold Sovereigns and Gold Britannias make for a considerable saving on cost because of the CGT exemption.

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James Rickards: Long-Term Forecast For $10,000 Gold

Gold Inflation Adjusted 1970-2017

James Rickards: Long-Term Forecast For $10,000 Gold. James Rickards, geopolitical and monetary expert and best selling author of the ‘The New Case for Gold’ has written an interesting piece for the Daily Reckoning on why he believes gold will reach $10,000 in the long term.

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Art Market Bubble Bursting? Gauguin Priced At $85 Million Collapses 74 percent


Art Market Bubble Bursting? Russian Billionaire Takes 74% Loss On “Investment”. $85 Million Gauguin Bought By Dmitry Rybolovlev in 2008. Christie’s auctioned the work at its evening sale in London. Global art sales plummet, but China rises as ‘art superpower’. China soon to dominates global art and gold market. Art price volumes doubled since 2009. As currencies debase super rich seek out stores of value. Gold remains accessible store of value for all. Stocks, bonds and many assets at record prices.

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Gold Up 9 percent, Silver 14 percent YTD As Le Pen’s Lead Widens

Year to date relative performance

Gold up 1.5% in euros and dollars this week. Silver up 1.4% this week and now up 14.3% and is the best performing market YTD. Gold up 9% year to date – fourth consecutive higher weekly close and breaks resistance at $1,250/oz. Gold up 9.4% in euros year to date as Le Pen’s lead in polls widened. Gold up another 6.4% in sterling pounds year to date as ‘Hard Brexit’ looms.

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Gold To Benefit from Rising Inflation and Higher Than “Official” China Gold Demand

US Inflation Zooms up 5 Year High

Frank Holmes joins Lawrie Williams, Koos Jansen and many others in questioning the “official” Chinese gold demand numbers. Real gold demand is likely much higher than the official numbers. Inflation just got another jolt, rising as much as 2.5 percent year-over-year in January, the highest such rate since March 2012. Led by higher gasoline, rent and health care costs, consumer prices have now advanced for the sixth straight month.

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Russia Gold Buying Returns – Buys One Million Ounces In January

Russian Central Bank Gold Reserves January 2017

Russia Gold Buying Returns – Adds Substantial One Million Ounces To Reserves In January. Russia gold buying returned in January with the Russian central bank buying a very large 1 million ounces or 37 metric tonnes of gold bullion. The increase in the gold reserves came after Russia did not buy a single ounce in December – a move seen as potentially a signal or an olive branch to the U.S. and the incoming Trump administration.

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Gold Prices Rising As “World Has Never Been More Uncertain”

Uncertainty Is At Record Highs 1990 - 2016

Gold prices rising & up 6.6% YTD. Signal “impending market volatility”. World has never been more uncertain (see chart). Fear in Wall Street versus Fear in Washington. Price of ‘plunge protection’ rising even as VIX remains low. Smart money diversifying into gold. Important to watch rising gold and rising bond yields. Gold may prove the “tell”.

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Precious Metals As Safe Havens – Reassessing Their Role

Brian Lucey and Sile Li

New research confirms that not just gold but also the other precious metals – silver, platinum and palladium bullion – act as safe havens, especially from ‘Economic Policy Uncertainty.’ This is something that is particularly prevalent today due to the ‘Hard Brexit’ impact on the UK and the Eurozone, risk of trade wars and heightened financial and geopolitical risk under the Trump Presidency.

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Why 2017 Could See the Collapse of the Euro – Stiglitz

Gold in EUR

2017 could be the year that the euro collapses according to Joseph Stiglitz writing in Fortune magazine and these concerns were echoed over the weekend by former Bundesbank vice-president and senior European Central Bank official, Jürgen Stark, when he said that the ‘destruction’ of the Eurozone may be necessary if countries are to thrive again.

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Gold’s average gains in inauguration years of 15 percent since 1974

Gold's Gusto, Bullion bulls thrive in most inauguration years

Gold’s average gains in inauguration years of 15% since 1974. First year of new President frequently a time of increased uncertainties and risks. Gold rose 30% in the 12 months after Obama inauguration. Massive political uncertainty. President’s conflict with the CIA. ‘Strong dollar policy’ to end as U.S. has $120 trillion plus debt. Trump inherits Bush and Obama’s humongous debt.

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