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The SNBCHF.COM blog is an association of Swiss and international financial advisors, who provide independent advice from the often misleading  mainstream of banks and asset managers.

Our authors

The specialist on questions around the gold standard and irredeemable paper money:

Keith Weiner, gold standard institute and snbchf.com

The specialist on the Swiss Franc and Swiss monetary policy and currencies in the mid- and long-term:

George Dorgan, snbchf.com
More details

The specialist for global macro and currencies in the short and medium term: 

Marc Chandler, snbchf.com
More details

On the fallacies on US monetary policy:

Alexander Gloy: see details

Some posts on Switzerland:

R. Stieger (see details)


The following is the thesis that this blog established before the end of the EUR/CHF peg.


Here some of George Dorgan’s older publications in


In our manifesto the blog gives our general view of the last 15 years in global markets and our outlook for the future. Here some feedback to our posts on Twitter and in the blog.

See here a selection of  Twitter followers and older references.


See more for About

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