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Keith Weiner | Fed Policy Errors, Reverse Repo, Keynesian Illusion, Russia & China, Bitcoin, Gold

Keith Weiner PhD Economics and Founder/CEO of both Monetary Metals and the Gold Standard Institute joins us for an interview on the 5th installment of the Gold and Silver Precious Metals Twitter Spaces. He explains the fundamental reasons for why we face the issues ahead of us and what kind of solutions may be at our disposal. He elaborates on supply chains, geopolitical alliances, dollar liquidity, currency debasement, Keynesian shortcomings, policy mistakes (Fed and Congress) bitcoin shortcomings, and the bull case for gold.

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00:00 Introduction to Keith
1:04 What's Your Take On Jobs Numbers?
4:01 What's Your Assessment of the Economy / Can They Continue To Build Narratives?
8:06 What's Going On With The $2.2 Trillion Reverse Repo?
15:00 How Do We Transition Away From Debt-Based Systems?
20:18 What Does Fed Do Next? What Are Their Options?
24:45 Irony of Raising Rates to Fight Inflation With Policy Induced Supply Side Issues
33:57 China Dumping Treasuries... Trouble or Noise?
40:25 Is The Dollar Being Intentionally Weaponized?
46:39 Are Politicians About To Make Bigger Mistakes Than the Fed?
49:06 How Do We Solve These Problems? How Do We Have Sound Money That's Also Convenient
55:30 Bitcoin and Crypto and Why They Don't Work
1:01:21 Has Crypto Accomplished Anything Creditworthy?
1:12:51 Participant Question (Jim Hunter): Why Aren't the US Central Banks Buying Gold?
1:16:10 Participant Question (Jim Hunter): A Way To Earn Interest On Gold
1:23:08 Alex: What Range of Return Could We Get From Your Services?
1:24:23 Lightning Round (rapid questions and answers)

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Reverse Repo Sovereign Debt Crisis

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Keith Weiner
Keith Weiner is president of the Gold Standard Institute USA in Phoenix, Arizona, and CEO of the precious metals fund manager Monetary Metals.
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