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Ep 52 – Jeff Snider: Solving the Eurodollar Puzzle

Jeff Snider, Headmaster of Eurodollar University, joins the podcast to talk about the perverse complexities of the Eurodollar system. What even is a Eurodollar? Why was the system created?

Keith and Jeff discuss the Eurodollar market and then give their hot takes in a hilarious lightning round. We hope you enjoy this insightful, whirlwind of an episode!

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00:00-00:41 Intro
00:41-01:21 Jeff Snider
01:21-02:37 What is a Eurodollar?
02:37-04:33 Quantifying Credit
04:33-10:55 Money vs Credit
10:55-14:45 Netting Along
14:45-19:28 The Open Fissures of 2007
19:28-24:14 Monetary Layering and Fault Lines
24:14-30:38 Cantillon Complexity
30:38-31:24 Lighting Round
31:24-31:56 Gold Outlook for 2023
31:56-32:43 Future of US Economy
32:43-34:20 Triffen's Dilemma
34:20-36:44 DXY Strength
36:44-37:57 Volker vs Bernanake
37:57-38:56 Kelton and Yellen vs Fed And Bitcoin
38:46-39:51 Jeff's Question
39:51-40:15 Eurodollar University
40:15-40:34 Jeff Snider Part 2
40:34-41:13 Outro
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Jeffrey P. Snider
Jeffrey P. Snider is the head of Global Investment Research of Alhambra Investment Partners (AIP). Jeffrey was 12 years at Atlantic Capital Management where he anticipated the financial crisis with critical research. His company is a global investment adviser, hence potential Swiss clients should not hesitate to contact AIP
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