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Ep 144- Yields Are Not Showing Inflation ft. Jeff Snider with Srivatsan Prakash


Jeff Snider is the Global Head of Research at Alhambra Investments, and well known for his disinflationary views and his Eurodollar University video. Here he talks about why yields’ move higher isn’t inflationary, why things are still not inflationary at all, and much more.

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About the interviewer: Srivatsan (me) is 17 years old and passionate about finance, investing and speculating. He is the host of the Market Champions podcast, and has been running it since Jan 2019. He can be found on Twitter @elite_investor and on Instagram @elite.investor and can be contacted there. Thanks for listening- and make sure to Like and Subscribe!

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Jeffrey P. Snider
Jeffrey P. Snider is the head of Global Investment Research of Alhambra Investment Partners (AIP). Jeffrey was 12 years at Atlantic Capital Management where he anticipated the financial crisis with critical research. His company is a global investment adviser, hence potential Swiss clients should not hesitate to contact AIP
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