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Why Bank Math is Like Abbott & Costello

(3/17/23) Bank math is a lot like Abbott & Costello math; the main issue with banks is lack of mark-to-market; SVB problem was it's the tech-darling, whose product was sub-prime business loans based on "social credit." (See "The Panic of 1907"). How diversity and equity nearly crashed the economy (NY Post). Is the Fed's 2% inflation target realistic? The ECB continues to raise rates; what will the Fed do? Credit Suisse and First Republic: Euphoria vs reality? Why more Americans under-estimate Social Security benefits. Including sequence of returns in financial planning; everything is rosy at brokerage firms, and the answer for every question is stocks. The "S" in ESG is stinky. The luck of retirement in the economic cycle; the 4% Rule is a lie. Janet Yellen calls Jamie Dimon; hilarity ensues; Credit Suisse bail out vs realization that some things cannot be fixed; Labor & Demographic trends: Effects of inflation, prices are not going backwards; seniors going back to work. IQ vs EQ (emotional quotient).
2:46 - SVB, Abbott & Costello, and Bank Math
14:08 - How Diversity and Equity Nearly Crashed the Economy
30:01 - Under Estimating Social Security Benefits
14:01 - Janet Yellen Call to Jamie Dimon;
45:27 - Inflation that Cannot be Fixed
Hosted by RIA Advisors Director of Financial Planning, Richard Rosso, CFP
Produced by Brent Clanton, Executive Producer

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