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Why #AI Is Little More Than BS

6/20/23) HOUR ONE: It's the start of a holiday-shortened trading week, and the end of the Quarter is near. Sentiment reports from Consumers and Home Builders, plus leading economic indicators, which have been negative for the past 13-months. A turn in these signals could prove that we've seen (and passed) a trough in economic numbers. Roberts Travel plans will NOT include deep sea dives to shipwrecks; What's driving the AI chase? What is the thesis that's driving prices in the AI space (NVDIA)? Why do you think NVDIA is preparing to sell stock now (while prices are at an unsustainable high)? This is not unlike the DotCom bubble. Challenges from competition will cut into sales and profits. Roger McNamee: AI is a BS generator. Economic Indicators: Fed-Ex earnings preview; What is up with the Winnebago craze? Interesting economic indicator of high-income discretionary spending. KB Homes/Home Builders, Steelcase/Office & Commercial Real Estate & Return to Work; are we seeing improvements in economy that match Wall St earnings expectations? Cali High Speed Rail/Texas HSR: Betting against investing in Cities (WSJ); the Houston Donut: Crime.

HOUR-TWO: The Future of AI and Surveillance Capitalism: What's the benefit? Are we better off now for Social Media? Will we be better for AI?? Covered call strategies; what is the possibility of Recession? What happens to the economy when Student Loan Payments resume (removing some spending)? What to do with NVDIA? Is there a case for buying dividend stocks? What about REITS? What will Recession's effects be? Avoid Commercial Real Estate and multi-family REITS. We like Public Storage REITS, Healthcare & Medical REITS. Looking at 401k strategies: Consider ROTHS for younger savers. SimpleVisor tools you can use.

SEG-1: Tracking Economic Indicators: Where's the Trough?
SEG-2: What's Driving the AI Craze?
SEG-3: Roger McNamee: AI is a BS Generator
SEG-4: Earnings Previews & Economic Indicators

SEG-1: The Future of Generative AI
SEG-2: What Happens to Economy When Student Loan Payments Resume?
SEG-3: What Will Effects of Recession be on REITS?
SEG-4: 401-k Strategies Between Jobs; The Sector Rotation to Come
Hosted by RIA Advisors RIA Advisors Chief Investment Strategist Lance Roberts, CIO
Produced by Brent Clanton, Executive Producer
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