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How You, too, Can Retire at 55

(6/23/23) HOUR ONE: Stories from Texas families; Market commentary: The Fed's Kabosh on Inflation: Muckflation; slow-grinding stagflation as liquidity is drained from the system. Why Roths are the J. G. Wentworth for the Gov't.; Tax benefits of a Roth; dodging the tax torpedo. Scarlet & Flo: Bring back 'Kiss my Grits;' the most-popular US migration destination cities; Why did Darden purchase Ruth's Chris' as affluent shoppers flock to Dollar Tree? Emerging Retirement Trends: Tiny Home Villages, early retirement by 55; nobody wants their parents' home; healthcare insurance will be a challenge; NO debt is key.

HOUR-TWO: (Live Q&A from Radio listeners & YouTube audience) Money Dates: Couples becoming more engaged in money decisions. The Zuckerberg-Musk cage-match: Are we living in the Babylon Bee? Financial advisors become mentors for wealth, health, & emotions. The Mid-Year Economic Review preview; The Percentage of Americans w Financial Advisors; Successful financial planning vs emotion & instant gratification. The importance of placing bonds in a portfolio: What's driving yields? (Hint: It's not the Fed). US Bonds: We're the cleanest pig in the pen. Barbelling Bonds. Picking a Financial Advisor is like choosing a personal physician; The Millionaire Next Door & The Wealthy Barber; holistic approaches to building wealth. How Millionaires actually spend money; spend in the middle.

0:00 - HOUR-ONE Teaser/Intro:
0:55 - The Fed's Kabosh on Muckflation
9:53 - Don't Be a Sloth: Use a Roth
21:40 - How the Affluent Really Live
34:26 - Emerging Retirement Trends & Early Retirement @ 55

45:42 - HOUR TWO (Live Q&A):
45:50 - Zuckerberg vs Musk: Are We Living in the Babylon Bee?
54:28 - Successful Financial Planning vs Emotion & Instant Gratification
1:06:29 - The Importance of Placing Bonds in Portfolios
1:17:43 - How Millionaires Actually Spend Money
Hosted by RIA Advisors Director of Financial Planning, Richard Rosso, CFP, w Senior Advisor, Jonathan Penn, CFP
Produced by Brent Clanton, Executive Producer
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Finally, financial news that makes sense. Lance Roberts, the host of "StreetTalkLive", has a unique ability to bring the complex world of economics, investing and personal financial wealth building to you in simple, easy and informative ways but also makes it entertaining to listen to at the same time.
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