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The Smartest Money Move You Can Make Right Now? (2/7/24)

(2/7/24) Early morning coffee snafus: That's no way to start the day. Headline economic data is not comporting with on-the-ground reality: Credit Card and Auto Loan delinquencies are on the rise because borrowers are out of money; there's been a drop in Labor Force participation. Under the surface, things are not that good. Are Valuations really that cheap? A look back at market performance: The S&P is hitting all-time highs, NASDAQ driven by Tech, but Russell 2000 of Small- and Mid-cap companies are still in Bear mode. Danny hangs out w Larry Fink. Is Suze Orman's best money moves: Why it's bad advice. Dealing with short-term money vs long-term money; the Budget Talk at home. Home Contractors woes & FAFO: Release the Kraken! The divergence between positive economic headlines and reality: Layoffs are beginning; how we deal with clients who've been let go. Creating a timeline and checklist. Doing the basics of Financial Planning: Wills & Medical Directives. Why are more American's so down on the economy? A clue may be seen in the latest numbers from YUM Brands (KFC, Pizza Hut, & Taco Bell); the Pizza Hut Break-up Pizza. Weaker sales on lowered expectations. The higher cost of eating out is the result of higher minimum wages and increased costs of doing business.

Hosted by RIA Advisors Chief Investment Strategist Lance Roberts, CIO, w Senior Financial Advisor, Danny Ratliff, CFP
Produced by Brent Clanton, Executive Producer

3:00 - Headline Economic Data vs On the Ground Reality
14:22 - Hanging Out w Larry Fink; Suze Orman's Best Money Advice
30:10 - Contractor Woes, FAFO, How to Deal with Laid-off Clients
44:14 - Wills, Medical Directives, & The Basics of Financial Planning You Need Now
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Lance Roberts
Finally, financial news that makes sense. Lance Roberts, the host of "StreetTalkLive", has a unique ability to bring the complex world of economics, investing and personal financial wealth building to you in simple, easy and informative ways but also makes it entertaining to listen to at the same time.
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