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Will Student Loan Repayments Choke the Economy?

(6/21/23) HOUR ONE: Two days of Fed speak commence today: Will markets even notice? Liquidity is still rising, easing economic conditions the Fed is trying to tighten. Update on the Titanic Sub Search; The ESG Scam: Does nothing for the environment. Is ESG behind us? Are we targeting the wrong companies with boycotts? Don't buy Black Rock stocks; why enrich Larry Fink? Rolling recession and market resiliency: What could alter this dynamic? Student Loan Debt Repayments to resume, pulling $12-Billion in consumer spending from the economy. Is this a Bull Trap or a Bull Market?

HOUR-TWO: (Live Q&A from Radio listeners & YouTube audience) The $300-Million public school in Cambridge, MA: How to buy ISD Bonds? Why there is high-demand for such "Money-good" bonds: They get paid. Caveat: The challenge of trying to avoid paying taxes vs making money with investments. Lance' pre-market commentary; How to invest in Prison Bonds; from Germany, a question about investing Euro savings into US Dollars; a discussion of the most-common investor mistake(s); Options Credit Spreads and selling Puts to buy stocks; advise against borrowing from 401k; Investing with Vangard S&P 500 Fund; Strategies for saving and building wealth; Zero Days to Expiration Options; investing in foreign distressed debt (Hint: It's "distressed" for a reason).

SEG-1: Two Days of Fed Speak: Will Markets Pay Attention?
SEG-2: Is ESG Behind Us?
SEG-3: The Potential Impact of Student Loan Repayments
SEG-4: Is this a Bull Trap or Bull Market?
HOUR TWO (Live Q&A):
SEG-5: How to Buy ISD Bonds?
SEG-6a: How to Buy Prison Construction Bonds?
SEG-6b: How to invest Euro Savings in the Dollar?
SEG-6c: What is the Most-common Investor Mistake?
SEG-7a: Options Credit Spreads
SEG-7b: Selling Puts to Buy Stock
SEG-7c: Borrowing from IRA to Buy House
SEG-7d: How o Use Insurance to Buy Real Estate (example)
SEG-8a: Should you borrow from your 401k?
SEG-8b: The Vangard S&P 500 Funds
SEG-8c: Zero Days to Expirations Options
SEG-8d: Should you invest in distressed foreign debt?
Hosted by RIA Advisors RIA Advisors Chief Investment Strategist Lance Roberts, CIO
Produced by Brent Clanton, Executive Producer
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