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7 Investment Types You Should Avoid

(9/6/23) All those Jobs numbers deserve a look under the hood: Are we really creating new jobs or just replacing the ones that went away? NOTE: Following each Jobs Report, revisions are made to previous numbers; this year's revisions are the most negative since the financial crisis. Are Jobs numbers a Recession indicator? The Risk remains. Markets in Correctional Period, VIX suppression vs history; investors have no apparent fear of Recession. Sleeping-in & Zip-lock bags; everyone is convinced no Recession is coming. All indicators say otherwise. How the bottom 80% are living. Investment types you should avoid: Speculative assets (ex.: Irani Dinar craze); Private REIT's: Why are they being offered to YOU?? Liquidity is key: When do you get your money back? Who is making the money on the deal? I-bonds: No one understands them. Any investment you don't understand. "High Yield" Bonds = High risk. Leverages ETF's: Risky; Commodities: are really options w decay of premium, and subject to boom/bust cycles.

1:35 - Jobs Picture May Not Be So Robust
12:55 - Sleeping Late, Ziplock Bags
16:21 - No Recession?
28:44 - Investment Types You Should Avoid, Pt-1
42:55 - Investment Types You Should Avoid, Pt-2

Hosted by RIA Advisors Chief Investment Strategist Lance Roberts, CIO, w Senior Financial Advisor Danny Ratliff, CFP
Produced by Brent Clanton, Executive Producer
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"Mega-Cap Stocks Continue To Dominate. But Why?"
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