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Don’t Fear AI: But Watch Out for These Industries and Jobs | Primer on AI with Stephen McBride

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the lifeblood of the technologies driving today’s global disruptions. And 2023 is the year that AI has been catapulted from novel idea to being on everyone’s radar. The AI narratives span from the promise of a George Jetson future to fears of a dystopian takeover by AI-empowered robots—and everything in between.

To help sort all of this out, I reached out to AI expert Stephen McBride. He surveys the AI landscape and explains where we are today, and how to spot the industries and occupations that will be most affected.

Stephen McBride is Chief Analyst at RiskHedge, where he is co-editor of Disruption Investor, and spearheads the crypto advisory RiskHedge Venture. Prior to his professional investing career, Stephen worked at a billion-dollar financial institution in New Zealand.

Here are some of the highlights from our conversation:

- How AI will automate an expanding share of mundane busywork and allow us to focus more on value-added tasks. This will enable the US to return to a higher rate of productivity growth.

- Why AI is not a singular thing. There are many AIs, and each one does a different thing.

- The two industries that stand to benefit most from AI from a cost and productivity standpoint.

- How productivity and demand growth will define which jobs are at risk and which jobs will thrive.

- How to easily start your journey into understanding and integrating AI into your life.

- The simple trick to getting the best results when using ChatGPT. You can earn a six-figure salary if you master this talent.

- Why it’s too early to start regulating AI.

- How semiconductors are at the core of AI and its disruptive technology. This fact explains the explosive growth in Nvidia stock. AI relies on data, and more data requires more and more GPUs.

- Taiwan and the geopolitical angle you must consider when investing in AI.

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Time stamps:

0:00 The impact of AI will unfold quickly and affect everything and everyone
2:10 AI is the next step along the arc of technology
3:52 AI won’t take your job, but someone using AI will
6:07 The two industries ripe for AI disruption, and the barriers it faces
12:27 Will AI be a job taker with deflationary implications?
15:15 Extrapolating what lies ahead by looking at the Industrial Revolution
16:50 How to get exposure to AI to understand how it works
21:03 The art of asking the right questions—tips and tricks for using AI
24:15 The dark side of AI and the regulation question
27:23 Stephen talks about Nvidia and what’s possible for early AI investors
32:46 The geopolitical speed bump to monitor in AI hardware
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