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Is Taiwan part of China? | The Economist

Taiwan’s sovereignty has been a disputed issue for centuries. Though the island sees itself as independent, China insists it is part of the People’s Republic and has not ruled out taking Taiwan by force. That could ignite an all-out war between American and China.

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  1. Zane Lewes


  2. Jared Hopkins

    The only ignorant fools who still believe that Taiwan will one day reunited with china are those that are completely brainwashed by ccp’s propaganda. 🔥 🇨🇳 🔥

  3. Jeffrey Pierson

    How many of the PRC supporters are PLA intelligence or bots?

  4. lewis.f

    The Economist is one s**t-stirring media.

  5. ming zhang


  6. Karl Jo

    If China really wants to take Taiwan by force, it will only take a few days at most, and America would not dare declaring war with China. The US is not sure it can win the war without suffering destruction in its own country.

  7. J O

    Taiwan will ALWAYS be free. FUCG THE CCP!

  8. Die die

    A media war on China has started! More are on the way!

  9. moses 1997

    Usa is the problem

  10. KenZu

    KMT, ruled mainland China from 1927 to 1949 prior to its relocation to Taiwan as a result of the Chinese Civil War. Chiang Kai Shek, KMT never surrendered to CCP, hence technically speaking, Taiwan still owns China!

  11. frank gg

    after taiwan reunification, china will conquer korea,japan,vietnam,thailand…. all the other asia countries. we have to stop china right now

  12. 亚洲观点Asian perspective

    In fact, the United States intervened in China's civil war, prevented China's national unification, and used the division of China to contain China's development.

  13. Chan Sunny

    is it possible to let England dependent now ? If yes,please let it go

  14. Fanslife Japan


    – from Hong Kong

  15. Einstein D

    This is a war of value systems, vicious communism and non communism.
    The world finally takes action to protect the weak as they know if they do not protect the weak, they will be the weak.

  16. Ryan huang

    Reunification between two parties is impossible as long as mainland China is held by totalitarian CCP.

  17. yosoys

    How is "Taiwan" a country? Please get your fact right, the name of the country where "Taiwan" is located is called Republic of China!

  18. Jimmy Huang

    As a Taiwanese , short answer is a no. Long answer is CPP is only 70 year old and never rule Taiwan before, taiwanese government has been around 100+ and before that was quin dynasty and japanese

  19. Jet Li

    I think that the world should just respect that there are two different countries of “China.” It is up to both China and Taiwan to define their cultural identity and politics and laws and economy the best way possible for all of their residents to happily work and live and be happy. instead of persistent warmongering.

  20. Eric Hu

    Taiwan is part of China of course.There is only one China in the world

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