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Alexei Navalny: will the West stand up to Russia? | The Economist

Alexei Navalny’s hunger strike has prompted widespread international support. Vladimir Putin has warned that any country meddling in Russia’s affairs will “regret their actions”. How should the West respond to a tyrant like Putin?

00:00 - What’s happening in Russia?
00:54 - What does Navalny represent for Russia?
01:36 - How should America respond?
03:08 - Do sanctions work?
05:30 - Why were troops sent to the Ukranian border?
07:20 - What if Russia tries to annex more of Ukraine?

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  1. Fancy Turtle

    Putin ma man

  2. Emmanuel Lee

    Tsar Putin

  3. Пеший Трумен

    Для меня Навальный постепенно превратился из оппозиционера в предателя и жулика. В начале думал что Навальный что-то из себя представляет, к чему то стремиться, что-то хочет изменить…. Но все скатилось к желаниям запада, в которых не оказалось места желаниям граждан России.

    1. Alec72HD

      Хорошо сказано.
      Сэр Навральный хотел повторить путь Ельцина.

  4. maria


  5. Alisteir Crowley

    What about.. And this might sound crazy, we stop meddling with the affairs of other countries? I`m in no way saying russia is perfect or a place i`d personally like to live, but the hypocrisy of the west is astonishing.

  6. StreetArtillery

    Maybe Assange. Maybe Snowden

  7. Owen Chua


  8. Volody Putin

    hate you

  9. M B

    What about who will stop the Chinese Communist Party? The CCP is a bigger threat to world peace and human rights. The Economist's relatively soft touch on China is disappointing.

  10. Juan Santana

    I belive the question should be "who would stop the ax-Anglia"? Perhaps Russia would, I'd vote for that.

  11. Gabriel Montufar

    Stand up to Russia😂😂😂
    Have you seen the Russian Navy?
    Stuck patrolling its Northern Borders.
    Attacking Ukraine?
    That's a family problem.
    Have you seen the Russian Space Program?
    Bankrupt & Chinese dependent.
    The United States' Economy is 16X bigger than Russia's.
    What planet are you guys living on?
    The United States runs this world.
    And btw?
    We also run Mars, now too. We have Air Superiority over Mars. And Resource Extraction Superiority on Mars well.
    You all only tickle each other with your inanity & stupidity

  12. Ced Col

    Free Julian Assange and Mumia Abu Jamal

  13. Pedro Costa e Silva

    Assange: Will the Russian Federation stand up to the USA?

  14. Greg Andtrws

    All men that are born of a woman will one day surely …

  15. dogy mal

    To understand current Russia, you have to understand Putin.

  16. Gino Passos

    The absense of the subject of "motivations of Russia" on such analysis gives us reason to believe that they are one sided.

  17. DaniH

    Think about this: you have an international coalition against you, including a few members who have not necessarily behaved in a way where they should be crapping on anyone else. Several of these countries are weaponized to the hilt with nuclear weapons, which they themselves expect (and sanction) other countries not to have. What would you do if you were the Russian government and this was your reality since the 50s? Would you lay back and allow NATO or the US to continue to keep building this defence against you, propagandize (and if you don’t think the US has or still uses propaganda against Russia, wake up) and force other countries to join in their aggressions because of NATO relationships? Putin is only responding the way the US would if they had this huge machine against them and it’s only purpose was to police them. What NATO was created for has kept Russia in this position where it can’t ever just relax or let their guard down. Sure, Putin’s government has corruption, but the US government doesn’t? If NATO didn’t exist, Russia wouldn’t need to weaponize itself like it has to The US would do exactly the same f it were in the same position as Russia. The difference is that the US wants everyone to answer to them but it refuses to ever answer to anyone else and actually balks at the thought. The heights of US hypocrisy is unbelievable.

  18. RawRezTheWalrus

    Man i love The Economist and their bedroom experts.

  19. ConstructiveMinds100

    FREE JULLIAN ASSANGE if you support freedom of soeech.
    Lets start from there

  20. ConstructiveMinds100

    Why England and Us so care about Ukrain.
    After the second war they allowed all countries of East Europe to be unexed by Russia despite having soo much power?
    Whats the catch?

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