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Will covid kill globalisation?


Covid-19 has been the third major disruption to globalisation within the past twelve years. The pandemic will not kill globalisation off, but it will deepen the cracks. Read more here:

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  1. Hara Lingayan

    The world had survived a couple of pandemics… I'm pretty sure that globalization would persist in some form.

  2. Kristal Yeow

    Xjp 14 billions flying cars park on your head ???

  3. Danny Viral News

    Globalization messed up the world

  4. Alex tag

    More ccp propaganda. I didn't the ccp hand the economist in the pam of their hand.

  5. Arnel Catangay Jr

    “It's not you, its me.”

    ― COVID19

  6. Wawa Washington

    Covit won’t. But Trump will,

  7. Rajesh Dey Sarkar

    This is sponsored by Huawei. Can't digest that

  8. LordBaïkal

    no globalisation=more chance for big war tbh. people trading and excchanging together made them interdependant. else you just end up with germany-like pre-1940 nation that tries to be fully independant

  9. James West

    Covid19 is an example of Globalization.

  10. maou sama

    and thats how they will push the AI on humans, by calling it as your saviour. its the start of building matrix.

  11. Varun Prasad

    Didn't see coming 13:57 support by huawei

  12. Matt Graham

    If globalism is failing the next best thing is regionalism not nationalism as Brexit will demonstrate. Not a time to be launching a pond yacht in a typhoon.

  13. kick rrr

    Without globalization, everyone, especially the poor and the lazy, must work harder in jobs they don't like. Basic economics. Talk is cheap.

  14. fenris ragnarok

    Stop saying slowbalization, if that catches on I'm just going to ignore economics or something.

  15. Vicarious Witness

    Globalization cannot exist unless all currency and resources are contributed at fair value and it isn't. The globalization being discussed here is capital imperialism. And they call themselves "The Economist". These people are selling their imperialism as globalization. There is a tipping point where as long as you obey you will never know what your missing.

  16. Siddhesh Tiwari

    Film Sponsored by Huawei 😂

  17. Joaquin Reyna

    Stolen jobs? No body steals jobs, CEOs want to make more money because neoliberalism. They are not patriotic except to money.

  18. Joaquin Reyna

    My question is this, if people don’t make enough money then how can their be demand? Without jobs…can we have demand?

  19. Mr Krabs

    I dream of money too.. 3:08

  20. ephoenix7

    In a divided technological world, there will be more innovation with competition. Such as arm and risc-v technologies

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