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The secret to tackling corruption | The Economist

Corruption costs the world nearly $3trn a year. Here are some of the innovative ways in which communities, companies and countries are tackling it.

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  1. Dan Hernandez

    Dear Team Economist, Content and subject aside, the "background" music was quite a bit overdone to the point where it effectively drowned out the commentators and individuals being interviewed. Sound editing may need to be revisited. Like a DJ competing with a narrator. Otherwise, applause for the insight into this topic.

  2. Mohamed Wafik Hamdi

    Serious fraud office?? Is there a non-serious fraud office?

    1. Thomas

      Yes its called Hudson West III corp

  3. Spinnetti

    Can hardly hear the narration over the music…. surely you can mix that down?

  4. blackstar 1010

    Very Ez pz follows the money ,.money is the road to corruptions,.and 😈😦😷

  5. Dean J

    When people will dissolve their devalued identity aka inferiority complex so will all corruption and any other of its names will be dissolved by itself

  6. Mike Baker

    I'd like to have this video republished with the audio fixed.

  7. Laurent G

    Fix the music pls

  8. Rakeem WIlliams

    Cops sell weapons to gangs; records get destroyed.

  9. loveshahrukhforever

    Wish there was no music in the background! So hard to focus

  10. Keat HJ

    Pretty sh*tty for the economist to talk about corruption when the US if f*cked.

  11. Wahib Yusuf

    The way the music is engineered into the narrative is corrupting our ears – no pun intended 😉

  12. John Hay

    I am South African and I’m so happy to finally see international, reputable media reporting on the corruption and crime in our country. Our people are being lied to and slaughtered on a daily basis. Thank you The Economist.

  13. jayde M

    Yesss to drugs

  14. colin phang

    Where is Malaysia? The biggest financial scandal in the world 1MDB led to the first conviction of a former prime minister in the country’s history

  15. ovenlovesyou

    Sometimes the music is too loud, drowning out the speaker. But otherwise a great video!

  16. Mark Hackl

    The narrator is typically drown out be the background music.

  17. Toto Mulono

    Please Input Indonesia corruption by President Jokowi

  18. Andrew Paterson

    Shut down the City of London and all the British Territories money laundering facilitators. These are the real criminals. They were pin striped suits. Also just put one London senior banker in prison for 20 years! They will soon get into line.

  19. Matthew Lee

    We need to admit corruption is inevitable in every system with decision-maker being authorized with power. The objective is not to eradicate corruption, but to align the interests of decision-makers with the interests of the general public.

  20. Galo Aguirre

    if you put a little animal in a cage against it's nature, it will do whatever it can to find a way out,

    laws and regulations are like this, if there's a will there's a way to find loopholes and the means to cheat a system, no matter how well intentioned and thought-out.

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