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America’s pandemic election: what could go wrong? | The Economist

America’s 2020 presidential election will be a contest like no other. From the effects of mass mail-in voting to the threat of disinformation and delayed results—how ugly could it get? Sign up to our free webinar The US elections and the economy here: Further content: Sign up to “Checks and Balance”, our weekly newsletter on American politics: Find The Economist’s latest coverage of the 2020 presidential election in America: See The Economist’s election forecast here: Listen to the “Checks and Balance” podcast on American politics: The postal service has become vital to America’s elections: Why more mail-in voting doubles the chances of recounts in close states: Why an absentee ballot is more likely to be counted if you’re white: How America’s electoral college favours white voters: Why Joe Biden could be a surprisingly activist president: Donald Trump faces a much bigger task than he did in 2016: Trump could still win a second term despite his poor odds in election forecasts: Why the Supreme Court may tip the 2020 elections: Read about the battle for the Supreme Court after the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg:
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  1. Walter Prattjr

    This is the same scenario that the Republicans said in the past,that the Democrats would use to win an election,they the Republicans are the ones that use the scenario to win the election,the Republicans are always the ones that were going to use the scenario,and blame the opposite party of trying to use it to there advantage

  2. Leonardo Marques

    🇺🇸 I’m voting for 4 more years 🇺🇸

  3. India First

    Election 2020 Core Issues.
    Racism / Hate Speech
    Corona Virus / Vaccine
    Woman Rights
    Foriegn Policy

  4. Michael Lenczewski

    Horseshit. There is tons of evidence that fraudulent ballot box stuffing will happen everywhere!

  5. Mnelisi

    American elections are a sham. Get more votes but still lose? That's not democracy. And how are y'all working on election day? In most countries it's a holiday

  6. Cece Danielsen

    The only way Democrats can win is by changing the rules, and that is exactly what they are doing by enforcing universal vote-by-mail without identification. Democrats should be held accountable for their attempts to manipulate our system of checks and balances to their advantage.

  7. Haim Ben Avraham

    Don't worry be Trumpy.

  8. XxPoopy_ headxX

    I guess this is Karma to the US for all the instigation they have done to the middle east. Now, they have their own domestic war.

  9. Tanner W

    Stop asking me to vote by mail

  10. Benny Low

    Civil war.

  11. natasha baars

    meanwhile here in Switzerland we get sent the ballots for every election by mail and no one ever had a problem with it 😅

  12. Sheikh Humayun Kabir

    Americans politics and their voting is beyond my comprehension…a country built by immigrants denies their rights in every way possible

  13. Rino Connelly

    One of these days Trump's Head will explode because he's so big headed and he thinks he's above everyone but dictors will fall on their SWORD .

  14. nopenopenope

    The bias in this one is unreal, expected more from you economist

  15. Königstiger

    Mail in fraud voting

  16. srjsh apthnktl

    wonder what the liberals will try to base their impeachment on now

  17. srjsh apthnktl

    liberals are sore losers

  18. srjsh apthnktl

    Trump has reached half way point in 2020 and liberals are still eating their own words

  19. LT Star

    By far one of the most captivating seasons of POTUS so far.

  20. Nickle

    What could go wrong? Trump re-elected is the sub text

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