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Did covid-19 leak from a Chinese lab? | The Economist

For most of 2020 the theory that covid-19 leaked from a Chinese lab was dismissed as unlikely. In the past few months it has gained currency. Our experts explain why. Read more here:

00:00 - Where did covid-19 come from?
00:44 - What evidence is there?
02:06 - Why was the lab-leak theory dismissed?
03:23 - Could the lab leak have been deliberate?
04:07 - Could covid-19 be man made?
05:51 - How are the origins being investigated?
07:23 - Will China be held accountable if there was a lab leak?
08:26 - Expert opinion: what do you think happened?
09:26 - Could it always remain a mystery?

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Listen to an episode of Babbage, our science and technology podcast, asking where covid-19 came from:

Podcast: How biosecurity shows the lab leak is feasible:

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There have been 7m-13m excess deaths worldwide during the pandemic:

What will it cost to end the pandemic?

A new weapon in the war against SARS-CoV-2 has been found:

How covid-19 brought together biomedical technologies that will transform human health:

More evidence emerges of India’s true death toll from covid-19:

How much should you worry about the “Indian variant”?

What is “black fungus”, the infection linked to covid-19 in India?

Europe’s vaccination campaign has gathered pace, though not everywhere:

Why might covid-19 booster vaccinations be needed?

Do incentives of cash or gifts for covid-19 vaccines work?

How improving ventilation will help curb SARS-CoV-2:
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