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China v America: why universities are on the front line | The Economist

The covid-19 pandemic could cause a massive drop in the number of Chinese students travelling abroad. That would be disastrous for many Western universities—but for the Chinese government, it is a geopolitical opportunity. Read more here:

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  1. Arben

    Don't make the Chinese look crazy by not being comfortable seeking western education and not spoiling these western schools with Chinese money. The Chinese government SHOULD warn it's citizens about the hate crimes against Asians. Especially when you have the US president threatening international students. Also, no Chinese person is going to the west to study "history"… so stop the anti-china propaganda about censorship. A whole 11-minute video and no mention of discrimination and xenophobia Asian students face in western universities.

  2. A loving Foe

    Mao has his wrong. But without him, there will never be an independent China. Leaders like Deng Xiao Ping and Mao think ahead of the time and plan for centuries for China. In contrast, US and other leaders in the West never produced such a capable leaders. Not George Washington. Not Lincoln Abraham. Not Roosevelt. They are less or more driven by pursuit of personal gains.The more you learn about their lives and the process of their decision makings, the more empowered you will feel.

  3. monsieur fortuna

    Most of them (if not all) are Chinese spies and children of corrupt CCP officials, average salary in China is close to 300$…

  4. Dyland D

    Does not matter what that kid says his parents are at gunpoint

  5. Rishav Sharma

    If Aus can suggest that covid was manufactured by china despite zero scientific backing, ofcourse china can say that Aus is a dangerously racist place. This is just a western piece of journalism maintaining subtle racism.

  6. AutumnMoon58

    China is not the first country to use one issue to leverage on another issue! The UK and USA use this tactic all the time. Why such bias reporting by The Economist?
    Your reputation is going the dumps!

  7. ipponsuki

    Why do we need as American nation a Chinese student?

    1. Beck W

      you can't even speak English

    2. ipponsuki

      @Beck W I know. Right?!

  8. luci75 D

    It’s also the other way where many foreigners come to china to work ! Students go abroad because Chinese parents have the financial power and to enter to universities which are very less in china was very hard. Now they build and have a lot of universities so they won’t go abroad soon. In over 8 years from now on The Chinese won’t go abroad so much not even down to Hong Kong. Australia was a hit spot in past 8 years but now also that die very fast. So the Chinese slowly they won’t go abroad ‘. We all know that

  9. Syed Moiez Bukhari

    The way soft and innocent image of West is being portrayed in this video, made me laugh so hard.

    1. Rex Gamer

      Yrah right what about china invading tibet closing all religious mainfestation and supress everyone atleast in the west you can learn about genocide tell that to the chinese who don't even know about the tiananmen square massacre

  10. Christian

    Colleges are business! Nothing more

  11. xing288

    This author is biased. He has this imagination that China is this sinister place behind iron curtain with secret police roaming around to intimidate ordinary people. What a joke. China is busy with big plans to elevate livelihood of 1.4 billion people. It values stability. Who has time to monitor these petty criticisms from students. It is all in your imagination.

  12. Wonsuk CHO


  13. politiks is poker

    650.000 it’s nothing in a 1.5 billion population

  14. Kushal Kalita


  15. OoF EriC

    Chinese exchange spy

  16. wanglei chen

    Its standpoint is quiet objective

  17. Edgbarra

    The fact that China can use the economical impact of chinese overseas students just shows how education is just a business for us. When our own students have a financial cruching debt for half of their lifes I called that sinester.

  18. Capo Solomon

    It's funny to see people criticize the west for being cautious in regards to this pandemic. Saying it's the evil of the west capitalism. But no one is critical of China authoritarianism. This video was, but it seems like people in the comments stop watching halfway through.

  19. Craig Clark

    It's sad when the Chinese government is responsible for every one of those individuals where they accept that or not that is the fact and as you notice they don't have any students from Africa we're going to these universities would help the African nation they're very racist both the Chinese the British The Americans and Australians they do nothing to help out the African nation

  20. Simon Low

    Somehow it is scarier and not so trust worthy if it was yellow if compared to white propaganda. Hmm.. seriously?

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