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America’s stimulus package: is it working? | The Economist

America has spent trillions of dollars on stimulus packages to prop up its economy in the face of the covid-19 pandemic. But is it working—and what will the long-term effects be? Our experts answer your questions.

Question timecodes:
00:00 Introduction to US economic stimulus
00:44 Where does the stimulus money come from?
01:43 Will the funds actually reach the people who need it most?
03:00 How does the American economic stimulus compare to other countries globally?
04:08 Has the increased unemployment benefit disincentivised people from going back to work?
05:08 How will America’s economic stimulus impact inflation?
06:24 Should Americans be concerned that the stimulus will put the government in debt?
08:28 Can the positive effects of the covid-19 stimulus on the US economy be shown?
09:23 Is America becoming more socialist by handing out this stimulus?

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  1. Ye Raymond

    You are fired, Donald Trump!!!

  2. Alec Teves

    YouTube please stop giving Trump ads… it ruins everything I watch

  3. isla rose

    Need stimulus package. To live without job.

  4. Quentin

    La vie en prépa…

  5. Orchid Doi

    Why don't you type the answer too. It would be better because speaking in the kitchen has a lot of echo

  6. Truth Tell

    Psychopath dictator South Korea president moon. .

  7. Meaningful Disruption

    Are you asking if extreme centralization of power is working?

  8. m p

    Nope, that stimulus money comes from national debt which will devalue USD!

  9. Blessed One

    The reporter's voice is perfect!!! Thank you!

  10. Anthony

    HAHAHAHA, yeah $1,200 5 months ago really fixed the problem.. Our current Congress has failed the American people, we can thank Republicans at the end of the day as they hold majority in the Senate & blocked the next stimulus.

  11. Annon Annon

    Gold is the safest asset.

  12. Evan Taurins

    MMT lets gooooooooooooooooo

  13. Mark-Anthony V

    Wanting to understand this? I'd recommend reading about the Federal Reserve and central banks. Check out The Creatures of Jekyll Island. Print print print

  14. Oliver Knif

    "radical ideas like medicare for all"

  15. barath kumar

    In India, everyone got 13 dollars

  16. KELLI2L2

    The BEST stimulus package would have been an immediate $2 million to EVERY citizen‼️

    1. Luis Laguinge

      If everyone is a millionaire then nobody is a millionaire

  17. Sebastian Aguiar

    Purple shirt man is not an expert. It is possible to have inflation without rising wages. Many currencies have hyperinflated with declining wages

  18. Jennifer Lynn

    I’m so broke I can’t afford to pay attention.”

  19. Travis Wansai

    we don't need a vaccine our body has an immune system and is quite capable of fighting off a virus. If this were not true humans would have been extinct long ago… What we do need is a system that will incarcerate people that are involved in genocide and attempt to modify a virus to infect humans!!!

  20. interestingyoutubechannel

    It'll be fine, lets just go back 8000 years to exchange of dried grains & beans as base currency backed by real value. The world economy is only important due to our mutual agreement to follow a particular fictional story, that's all. Trade always was, and always will be.

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