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The Economist Essentials: Public Debt | The Economist

The covid-19 pandemic is set to increase public debt to levels last seen after the second world war. But is rising public debt a cause for concern? New economic thinking suggests perhaps not, at least for now.

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  1. Zeeshan Naeem

    INDIAN religious ELITE OF INDIA are using innocent,Nepalese,Tibetans,punjabis,dalit and muslims as a scapegoat in all previous Wars and even now against CHINA.The Brahmin and Bania sleep in their cozy beds.
    Rss/bjp/MODI & ANDH BHAKTS WERE BUSY CHANGING indian HISTORY , NEIGHBORS CHANGED the indian GEOGRAPHY. After LADAKH, Arunanchalpradesh AND HIMACHAL PRADESH as new South Tibet by China.

  2. Abhay Ambani

    The USA is the real boss of the entire universe

  3. Tib Syy

    The whole world is a house of cards!

  4. KELLI2L2

    High levels of debt should bother everyone, yet seems to bother no one. 😵

  5. Stephen Conlon

    Start a demand economy, which will increase employment, raise more taxes and stimulate spending

  6. Emin Yilmaz

    Wait so WHO exactly are they 'borrowing' from?

  7. Gonzalo Ale

    iWhere are my Freedmanites at!

  8. Bin He

    no new insight.

  9. Shoaib khan

    But it's not that easy for poor countires and those countries which are in debt trap like Pakistan.

  10. MrManny

    US owes trillions and still ok. No point talking about this.

  11. Shawn Mueller

    The world has a history of debt forgiveness. We've been borrowing 'happiness from tomorrow' for centuries. You leverage it until its worthless!

  12. Emil Campos Tophøj

    Wow there was a lot of commercials for such a short video

  13. dnyalslg

    This has been a pretty balanced review. Excellent.

  14. R3 Group

    G O L D

  15. What the Finance?!

    Nations that continue year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift are approaching spiritual doom.

  16. Camilo Guzman

    This is only legally asserting reflation(financial engineering) for rich countries. But many social, fiscal and economical root matters arent taking on the account.

  17. Conor O’Flynn

    Central banks giving all these loans and guaranteed them as no one else will. Just saddling more debt on nations . They won’t increase interest rates as they know will result in massive recession so just kicking can down the Road.

  18. Marlon Arroyo


  19. Bhajau sabka Bhonga

    Do these so called Economist understand squat???? I don't think so…every few years they are badly proven worthless….paper soldiers😂😂😂

  20. Aaron


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