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Why My Transition is My Dream Come True – Ray Dalio

I have gone through a 46 year long arc of creating a company, building it, and passing it along to be successful without me that was like the life arc of having a child, raising the child, and watching him or her go on to be successful without the parent. As I approach the end of this journey of being like the parent of Bridgewater and passing it to the next generation, I reflect back and imagine what’s ahead with great joy. The journey, while filled with challenges, mistakes, and painful moments, has given my partners and me we wanted most—most importantly the meaningful work and meaningful relationships with those who work at Bridgewater and with our clients.

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About Ray Dalio
Ray Dalio
Raymond Thomas Dalio is an American billionaire hedge fund manager and philanthropist who has served as co-chief investment officer of Bridgewater Associates since 1985. He founded Bridgewater in 1975 in New York. Within ten years, it was infused with a US$5 million investment from the World Bank's retirement fund.
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  1. Dr. Justo Villela

    Muchas Felicidades Sr. Dalio !

  2. Víctor Gil Sanz

    Thank you, Ray, for sharing your wisdom and experiences, I'm starting my own company and definitely meritocracy and transparency will be our guiding principles.

  3. Rithvik T R

    #champ. Hope you end your career by supporting people like assange, Snowden, and Transparency.

  4. Mitch Prime

    Mr. Dalio is a massively influential and important mentor in my life, I have enjoyed learning about his work and reading his books. Thank you for the great gift that is your thoughts, experiences and willingness to share. May you enjoy the tailwind of your incredible achievements.

  5. Iam Here

    If anything speaks to the beauty, wisdom, value and purpose of “self-worth” and “empowerment,” this does.
    The greatest human emotion and drive is self-worth. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. And then when you come to understand that, decide to work your ass off to help others (the human condition) achieve…attain…reach…realize its “self-worth.”
    “When we recognize genius in others, the greatest revelation comes not in seeing theirs…but in seeing our own.” -GM
    …and thereby never again deny it in others. 
    This is the moment at which selflessness becomes true self-worth; i.e., the “arc.”

    1. Iam Here

  6. Chris Ramage

    What an inspiration. Well done sir!

  7. Dylan

    Very brave speech Raymona Dalio 🧓🏻 we are so incredibly proud of you ❤️

  8. Sam Yohannan

    He should be able to use whatever bathroom he wants

  9. Nonon dela vega FXTREME

    congratulations ray.

  10. Ferox Inimicus

    I was scared reading this tittle…

  11. Hk


  12. Vvinny01

    Mr. Dalio, where my book! Congratulations 🎉

  13. RAJohnson713

    Holy shit! I literally thought he was transitioning into a female lmao

  14. nonchalantd


  15. snoo333

    Ray, Don't transition too far out of touch. There is more we need to learn from your experiences.

  16. goober

    He'd make a rough "woman"…

  17. Naughty Pleasure

    Survival rate is 99.07% meaning 99.07% population will remain naturally immune but still politicians are shutting down the whole economy and encouraging people to take covid19 vaccination which has not been tested, does not guarantee any immunity and has no liabilities on pharmaceuticals, hospitals and even government denies any liabilities WTF…!!

  18. Floradel Depol

    I truely admired this man! He is bold and generous to share his knowledge to us. God bless you Sir Ray!

  19. Mitchell Callahan

    Lmao thought this was going to be a radically different video. 🤣

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