2.8% rise in Swiss health expenditures 2014: Are they costs or income?

21.04.2016 09:15  – FSO, Health (0353-1604-20)

Health care costs and financing 2014: provisional data

Health costs increase to CHF 71.2 billion

Neuchâtel, 21.04.2016 (FSO) – Total health care expenditure in 2014 amounted to 71.2 billion, a 2.8% increase compared with the previous year. Growth was therefore below the five year trend. The percentage of gross domestic product spent on health care rose to 11.1%. These are the findings of the Federal Statistical Office’s (FSO) provisional figures on the costs and financing of the health care system.

The implication of higher health expenditures are visible in the GDP (BIP in the graph below). It boost the GDP, now it is 11% of GDP. It was only 4% in 1990.
According the strange concept called GDP the expenditures are called  “income” or “economic growth”.  But why does Swiss Statistics call them “costs”?



Gesundheitskosten und BIP

Swiss Statistics
The Swiss Federal Statistics Office publishes information on the situation and developments in Switzerland in a multitude of fields and plays a part in enabling comparisons at an internal level.
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