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Dividend Yield Comparison SMI, DAX and Dow Jones


The following table compares the dividend yields for blue chips in the SMI, DAX and Dow Jones. Prices are as of the “dividend date” indicated.

Using equivalent weights the SMI companies achieved a median dividend yield of 2.96. The median value for the SMI was 3.04, for the DAX firms 2.12 and the Dow Jones 1.96


DateCompanyPriceDividendDividend YieldIndex
02.04.14Zurich Insurance Group AG (Zürich)225.2319.166.58SMI
25.04.14AT&T Inc. (AT & T Inc.)24.961.815.15Dow
11.04.14Swiss Re AG67.374.344.72SMI
07.04.14Swisscom AG436.0322.004.68SMI
30.04.14Münchener Rückversicherungs-Gesellschaft AG (vink. NA)166.887.254.53DAX
16.05.14Transocean Ltd.30.312.244.53SMI
30.04.14E.ON SE13.730.604.47DAX
15.05.14Deutsche Telekom AG13.100.504.02DAX
16.04.14RWE AG St.28.691.003.76DAX
20.03.14Givaudan AG1'117.3147.003.70SMI
09.04.14Daimler AG70.482.253.58DAX
15.05.14Deutsche Börse AG55.372.103.49DAX
22.05.14Intel Corp.19.110.903.47Dow
27.05.14Merck Co.41.641.733.46Dow
28.01.14Siemens AG99.103.003.37DAX
10.04.14Nestlé S.A. (Nestle)55.642.153.30SMI
22.05.14McDonald's Corp.74.983.123.22Dow
13.03.14SGS SA1'753.9365.003.18SMI
04.03.14Roche Holding AG (Genussschein)218.007.803.13SMI
24.04.14Pfizer Inc.22.240.963.13Dow
28.05.14Chevron Corp.90.533.903.12Dow
15.05.14BMW AG88.402.603.05DAX
27.02.14Novartis AG60.182.443.04SMI
27.05.14Deutsche Post AG27.860.803.02DAX
30.04.14ABB Ltd. (Asea Brown Boveri Ltd.) (N)17.370.702.98SMI
29.04.14Deutsche Lufthansa AG18.620.452.92DAX
24.04.14Johnson & Johnson72.392.592.83Dow
23.04.14General Electric (GE) Co.19.280.792.82Dow
29.04.14Syngenta AG284.8011.212.80SMI
03.04.14Geberit AG (N)240.017.502.77SMI
23.04.14E. I. DuPont de Nemours and Co. (Du Pont)48.671.782.74Dow
23.04.14Coca-Cola Co.29.421.122.71Dow
09.05.14Credit Suisse22.240.702.57SMI
11.06.14Caterpillar Inc.80.172.322.55Dow
20.05.14JPMorgan Chase & Co.39.111.442.46Dow
28.05.14Exxon Mobil Corp. (ExxonMobil)74.702.462.43Dow
22.05.14Deutsche Bank AG30.350.752.16DAX
27.05.14Travelers Companies Inc67.501.962.16Dow
15.04.14Adecco SA57.131.472.08SMI
13.05.14Volkswagen AG Vz. (VW AG)191.744.061.99DAX
29.04.14IBM Corp. (International Business Machines)141.233.701.97Dow
20.05.14Linde AG153.863.001.97DAX
29.04.14Holcim Ltd. (I)66.201.301.94SMI
28.04.14United Technologies Corp. (UTC)84.712.191.93Dow
13.05.143M Co.104.142.541.81Dow
08.05.14adidas AG78.051.501.62DAX
13.02.14Infineon Technologies AG7.760.121.62DAX
28.04.14Boeing Co.90.742.191.60Dow
21.05.14SAP SE55.431.001.60DAX
08.05.14Actelion Ltd.69.951.201.59SMI
25.04.14Continental AG169.882.501.57DAX
15.05.14Fresenius Medical Care AG & Co. KGaA (FMC) St.48.341.061.49DAX
09.05.14Merck KGaA122.350.951.46DAX
04.04.14Henkel KGaA Vz.
09.04.14Julius Bär33.510.601.40SMI
02.06.14UnitedHealth Group Inc.58.641.051.40Dow
14.05.14Swatch (I)437.737.501.28SMI
18.03.14Walt Disney58.650.751.16Dow
16.05.14Goldman Sachs113.952.051.16Dow
14.05.14K+S AG26.420.251.12DAX
16.05.14Fresenius SE & Co. KGaA (St.)111.050.421.12DAX
07.05.14HeidelbergCement AG61.420.601.09DAX
22.05.14LANXESS AG50.970.501.03DAX
12.05.14American Express Co.64.550.890.98Dow
17.04.14Beiersdorf AG70.960.700.95DAX
29.01.14Visa Inc.164.101.390.73Dow
11.04.14Merck KGaA113.900.000.00DAX
22.05.14Home Depot Inc., The57.361.560.00Dow
03.12.14Microsoft Corp.
20.11.14Cisco Systems Inc.21.320.720.00Dow
14.10.14Procter & Gamble Co.66.012.450.00Dow
18.09.14Nike Inc.63.160.930.00Dow
06.06.14Wal-Mart Stores Inc.56.621.880.00Dow
17.01.14ThyssenKrupp AG18.970.000.00DAX
17.09.14Richemont SA69.361.150.00SMI


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