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Fundamentals and FX Movements, Week September 23 to September 27

Weekly summary of fundamental news on FX with a focus on CHF and gold price movements. Weekly price movements The U.S. budget discussion and rather bad U.S. fundamental data made JPY and CHF the winners of the week. After weeks of improvements, the...

Fundamentals and FX Movements, Week September 16 to September 20

Weekly summary of fundamental news with a focus on CHF and gold price movements. Friday, September 20:The St. Louis Fed president James Bullard explained that the Fed was close to tapering 10 bln. $ and that markets overreacted after the FOMC with...

Fundamentals and FX Movements, Week September 9 to Sept. 13

The weekly summary of global fundamental news with focus on CHF and gold price movements. Friday, September 13:The leading news came from U.S. retail sales and the Michigan consumer sentiment. Retail sales were up +0.2% instead of 0.5% expected, sales...

High German Pay Rises: The End of the German Bunds Bubble

Yesterday’s German CPI has given a first insights of what is coming these years: German inflation. For years excessive risk averseness put pressure on German yields. Most recently, energy prices helped to push down inflation and on German yields...

Performance of global stock markets compared

A list of relevant graphs for the long-term price earnings rations and different stock market returns over the last 2 years. Moreover we show the return of the S&P 500 for each of the year.

2012 Posts on Markets

The Biggest Bubble of the Century is Ending: Government Bond Yields

Government bond yields under 10 years for safe-havens are close to zero. In April 2013, even 20 year bond yields are less than 3%, What can explain this bubble of the century? Update August 16, 2013: So, 10-year Treasury yields have ended the day...

9c) Bonds

This page is the top page for several articles on bonds.

Will the EUR/CHF fall like a stone? A perfect scalp ?

Recently we have observed the upward movement of all euro pairs. They have marked more or less continuously higher highs and higher lows thanks to massive support from the central banks ECB, Fed and SNB (ignore Sunday 16th)         The first...

Are German Bunds finally heading for the big slide ?

Citibank judges that the Swiss National Bank (SNB) does not need a peg anymore. The EUR/CHF exchange rate would be now over 1.20 even if exposed to the free market. Yesterday we showed that the upward move in the EUR/CHF is just the behavior of some...

Volatility ETFs’ crazy churn

Two volatility ETFs (VXX and UVXY) are having almost half of the trading volume in the world’s largest ETF (SPY). How come?   First, the facts:   SPY is heavily traded (19% of assets daily turnover) compared to IVV (also referring to the...

German Schatz turns negative again

After the first time End May, the German Schatz turns negative: German June 2014 Schatz Average Yield -0.06% vs 0.10% on June 20 Swiss Eidgenossen 2yrs still at -0.4%

Spread Swiss Eidgenossen vs. German Bund to see further gains

The spread between the Swiss government Eidgenossen bond against the Germany 10yrs. Bund will see further gain in the future, after the Euro summit opened the door for ESM direct financing of banks.   Differences between EFSF and ESM explained

The other risk for the SNB: Will German Bund yields double ?

In the latest post we started discussing the implications of a German euro exit for the Swiss National Bank, this time we will look on another risk: The rising German Bund yields.

(9d) Oil

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