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Weekly SNB Intervention Update: Sight Deposits and Speculative Position

Sight Deposits +0.5 bln: Another risk-on week, the SNB has sustained the risk-on environment with some slight FX interventions. Speculators: reduced their CHF position from 6.7K positions to 4.7K (against USD). FX: the euro is under pressure against...

Spiritus rector des kranken Bonussystems ist Oswald Grübel

97 Franken – das war der Kurs der CS-Aktie im Mai 2007. Vergangene Woche notierte die Aktie noch bei einem Zehntel. Bei einem solch dramatischen Kurszerfall muss die CS sich nicht wundern, wenn kritische Fragen gestellt werden. Weshalb beträgt der...

Swiss Franc Trade-Weighted Index, Performance Far Worse than Dollar Index

On a three years interval, the Swiss Franc had a weak performance. The dollar index was far stronger. Contrary to popular believe, the CHF index gained only 1.73% in 2015. It lost 9.52% in 2014, when the dollar strongly improved.

SNB intervenes for 6.3 billion francs in one week, total 10bn Brexit intervention

SNB intervenes for 6.3 bil francs in the week ending last Friday. Once again a record high since January 2015. The SNB raised the intervention level to 1.0850. Apparently conversion of GBP->CHF flows into GBP-> EUR flows – via EUR/CHF purchases....

Purchasing Power Parity, REER: Swiss Franc Overvalued?

Most economists, like the ones at the Swiss National Bank (SNB), claim that the franc is overvalued. Many use misleading Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) measures like the Big Mac index, the OECD index or the PPP based on consumer prices for computing...

SNB’s Maechler on Negative Rates and our Critique

At the SNB news conference, Andréa Maechler discusses the current situation of financial markets and the negative interest environment. For us, negative rates make only holding money on accounts less attractive but not cash, real estate or stocks....

News conference Swiss National Bank 2016, Fritz Zurbrügg

UBS and Credit Suisse: Capital Situation improved further: fully compliant. Domestically focused banks have capitalisation well above regulatory minimum requirements, but mortgage lending and risk exposure increased in 2015. In case of an interest...

News conference Swiss National Bank, Thomas Jordan

SNB rate remains –0.75%, SNB is ready to intervene in the FX market, Inflation will rise faster over the coming quarters, Swiss economy to grow 1% to 1.5% in 2016

“Dirk Niepelt über die Folgen eines Brexit für die Schweiz (What Brexit Means for Switzerland),” SRF, 2016

SRF, Tagesgespräch, June 16, 2016. HTML with link to MP3.

Die SNB und der Brexit – wie das Kaninchen vor der Schlange

„Die SNB fürchtet Franken-Turbulenzen.“ Das wurde uns neulich vom SNB-Direktorium prognostiziert. Was heisst das nun für uns alle, die Adressaten dieser Botschaft? Was sollen wir jetzt tun? Können wir etwas tun?

Swiss Reserves: Not what They Seem

This posts shows again the stupidity of the financial media, that mixes up assets and liabilities for central banks. SNB FX reserves are assets. They are in different foreign currencies and subject to the valuation effect of these currencies.

Apple Jumps After Berkshire Reveals 9.8 Million Share Stake

After three consecutive weeks of seemingly relentless bad news for Apple, moments ago the stock jumped by $2 dollars, rising from $90.5 to over $92.50. Some hope for the Swiss National Bank or will Berkshire shares sink together with Apple and the SNB?

As Carl Icahn Was Selling Apple, This Central Bank Was Furiously Buying

We hope for the sake of Swiss residents that equity markets never suffer a dramatic drop. The SNB has “invested” 20% of Swiss GDP in stocks. When will the ivory tower economists ultimately lose control of the most manipulated, centrally-planned market...

The Twilight Of The Gods (aka Central Bankers)

The current financial market volatility increasingly reflects loss of faith in policy makers. Celebrity central bankers are learning that they must constantly produce new miracles for their followers.

SNB Increased Equities Share to 20 percent, A High Risk Game for a Conservative Investor

A share of 20% equities is too much for a conservative investor. - She increases the CHF debt with continuing interventions at a pace of 10% per year. - yield on bond investments is less than 1% p.a. and equity markets might not improve a lot any...

Gold, Bonds and Negative Interest Rates Give SNB a Q1 profit

SNB Results Q1 2016: Two thirds of SNB profit comes from Gold. Deflation helps with higher bonds prices and profit on negative interest rates.

Swiss National Bank: Composition of Reserves (Assets) and Investment Strategy

The Q1/2016 update on the SNB investment strategy and its assets. The Swiss National Bank is a passive conservative investor. As opposed to other investors, the exposure in currencies is as important as the strategic asset allocation according asset...

With Tech Tanking, Can Anything Save The System?

Submitted by John Rubino via, First it was the banks reporting horrendous numbers — largely, we were told, because of their exposure to recently-cratered energy companies. Now it’s Big Tech, which is a much harder thing t...

Wall Street and SNB In Pain: 163 Hedge Funds Are Long AAPL Stock

First it was the blow up of hedge fund darling Valeant that crushed countless funds who were long the name. Then, one month ago after the collapse of the Allergan-Pfizer deal, we showed (one of the reasons) why the hedge fund world continued to unde...

April 2016: SNB running suicide again?

Speculative position: Speculators are even longer CHF (against USD): +9410x 125K contracts. Sight Deposits: SNB intervenes for 6.4 bln. CHF in only three weeks. Sight deposits (aka debt) are rising by nearly 1% per month, this is 10% per year. The...
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