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War in Ukraine – Week 11

Business trips are very different these days. It was a wonderful and intense week, but nothing beats coming back home with bags full of supplies!

Day 79

May 13

The very real price Ukrainians are paying for other people’s imperial delusions: survivors of the Kramatorsk train station bombing. More than 30 people were killed, and more than 100 injured among about 1000 people waiting to be evacuated from the city.
 War in Ukraine - Week 11


Day 77

May 11

Not all Ukrainians fleeing occupied areas have a chance to do it in cars, if they don’t have one, it’s damaged or Russians just don’t allow it. So many end up walking dozens of kilometers or riding their bicycles. Once they reach Ukrainian checkpoints they are picked up and taken to safety, often leaving their bicycles behind. The mayor of a town near a Ukrainian checkpoint near the Kherson region had them collected so that their owners could pick them up when they come back home. They are already storing more than 300 bicycles.
War in Ukraine - Week 11


Day 76

May 10

Quick overview of Ukraine-Russia relations over the past 100 years via a made-up life story of a Ukrainian:
My great-grandmother was almost starved to death during Holodomor, my grandfather lost his teeth and froze off his toes in a labor camp in Siberia, my uncle died from cancer after being one of the Chornobyl liquidators, and my parents worked their asses off for me to have a good life so that my kids and I can be killed by Russian missiles, unless we end up in a mass grave after getting raped, shot and driven over in tanks by Russian “liberators”.
Ukraine-Russia relationship status: nothing complicated about it


Day 75

May 9

Do you remember little Alisa from Mariupol? She was one of many stuck in bunkers of Azovstal under constant shelling. It was announced yesterday that all children, women, and the elderly were evacuated from that hellhole.
However, not many realize a couple of things about their evacuation. Firstly, people were shot and killed in the process. Secondly, these long-suffering people had to go through Russian filtration camps on their way out. From which, not all of them were able to emerge. Like Alisa’s mother, who is a medic. On Mother’s Day, they separated a 4-year-old from her Mom. She had to make the trip to Zaporizhzhia alone, and who knows what is happening to her mother right now…
War in Ukraine - Week 11
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