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War in Ukraine – Week 10

Day 73

May 7
This is Liza. She is 15 years old. After her town got shelled and two people got injured she volunteered to drive them to get some medical help, because no one else would. First she got through mines on the road, then Russian soldiers shot at the car, injuring both of her legs. But she kept driving until the car stopped. Fortunately, they got picked up by our guys, and this brave little girl and her passengers are recovering right now.


Day 72

May 6
Education must go on
A Ukrainian professor is teaching his students from the trenches. Twice a week at 8 am, he hasn’t missed a single class.

ed today.



Day 70

May 4
Safety in Ukraine
The biggest illusion of all. There are extremely dangerous hotspots, like the one pictured below.
This is the aftermath of Russian artillery targeting positions of Ukrainian defenders in the Kharkiv oblast. Or Mariupol, which is under non-stop siege.
There are dangerous places that experience regular shelling. And then there are locations safer than others. One of those, the biggest refugee center, got bombed yesterday. Another one got hit today. That’s where you are likely to die in your home or at your workplace.
There is only one oblast in Ukraine that saw no shelling. Yet. This creates a false sense of safety which gets destroyed in seconds, along with multiple lives when another russian missile hits its target.


Day 68

May 2
The latest news about the country where humanity, decency, and common sense are mostly dead
– Kremlin is considering making Ukrainian POWs march at the May 9 parade in demonstration of Russia’s might and superiority
– they are also thinking about recreating the Nuremberg Tribunal and putting on a massive show
– Lavrov said that Jews are the most vicious antisemites
– they will try to create one more “people’s republic”, this time in Kherson. At least now it’s being done out in the open, without a fake referendum and lies about it being a local initiative
– Russian troops stole almost $5M-worth of farm vehicles and shipped them to Chechnya (but got locked out of them by a remote-locking system).
If you are feeling as sick as I am, meet Ukrainian mine-sniffing dog Patron who has allegedly helped clear more than 90 explosive devices. He should be able to make you feel slightly better, he always does it for me!
War in Ukraine - Week 10


Nataliya Melnyk on Facebook


Day 67

May 1
Each day brings more devastating shellings, heart-breaking losses, and urgent needs… But today the sun is shining just a tiny bit brighter, birds are sounding just a tiny bit more cheerful and the mood is just a tiny bit lighter because we finally got the news we have been waiting and hoping for for a really long time!
(No, he is not dead and the war isn’t over yet)
The evacuation of civilians from Azovstal bunkers in Mariupol to Ukraine-controlled territories has finally begun! 100 people are on their way out of the Russia-made hellhole, about 1000 are waiting for their turn, in addition to 500 injured military men and women.
Too late for so many, but we are hoping to get everyone else out, including our heroic defenders

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