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War in Ukraine – Week 11

Business trips are very different these days. It was a wonderful and intense week, but nothing beats coming back home with bags full of supplies!

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War in Ukraine – Week 10

This is Liza. She is 15 years old. After her town got shelled and two people got injured she volunteered to drive them to get some medical help, because no one else would. First she got through mines on the road, then Russian soldiers shot at the car, injuring both of her legs. But she kept driving until the car stopped. Fortunately, they got picked up by our guys, and this brave little girl and her passengers are recovering right now.

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War in Ukraine – Week 8

4-year old Alisa is begging to be evacuated from under siege Mariupol. So are thousands of others after about 50 days underground. But russia won’t allow it. They are holding these people hostage, watching them die slowly and painfully one by one. Source: Nataliya Melnyk on Facebook

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