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How Not to Think About Gold

Monetary Metals has been covering gold and silver markets for over ten years. Throughout that time, there’s been no shortage of new and old commentators talking about the drivers of gold and silver prices.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of this analysis is just plain wrong.

Whether it’s a company trying to sell you something, or a big investment bank. Gold and silver defy conventional commodity analysis. And plotting the gold price against the money supply, or interest rates, won’t work either.

Over the years, we’ve catalogued and debunked the worst offenders. The perma-bulls and the perma-bears. The so called theories and the non-theories. Until now, all this research was scattered across hundreds of different articles and website. We’ve compiled it all into one simple report, How Not to Think About Gold. 

We’re almost done putting the finishing touches on and we’ll be making it available soon. If you’d like to sign up for the waiting list to receive it as soon as it’s available. Please complete the form below and we’ll add you to the list.

Monetary Metals isn’t like other gold companies. We’re not trying to sell you gold. Our mission is plain, we offer investors a way to invest their gold and silver and earn a return in gold and silver. If people are earning in gold and silver, there’s no need to try to entice people to buy with claims of future skyrocketing prices. We are happy to tell you if we think the price is going up or down since the price of gold is secondary to the amount of gold (and silver) you are earning with Monetary Metals.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect in the final report.

  1. Change in the Money Supply
  2. Inflation
  3. Change in Interest Rates
  4. Annual Mine, Retail, and Production Numbers
  5. “Smart” Money Theories
  6. The Dollar’s Imminent Collapse
  7. Price Manipulation Theories
  8. Drawing lines on a chart, aka “Technical” Analysis

We cover these and many, many more.

We emphasize that the endgame of the dollar is not imminent. We will continue to update the picture as events inexorably play out. These updates come in the form of our Supply and Demand Reports which give investors tools to use so they can think about gold and silver price changes the right way. Our unique models and charts analyze gold and silver price movements using markers nobody else is using.

To see how we view gold and silver prices click our Full 2022 Outlook report, subscribe to our newsletter to get our weekly Supply and Demand Reports, read our research, and check out our website to get access to our proprietary gold and silver price charts.

Also, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to stay up to date on all our Media Appearances, Podcast Episodes and more!

Additional Resources for Earning Interest on Gold

If you’d like to learn more about how to earn interest on gold with Monetary Metals, check out the following resources:

The New Way to Hold Gold

In this paper we look at how conventional gold holdings stack up to Monetary Metals Investments, which offer a Yield on Gold, Paid in Gold®. We compare retail coins, vault storage, the popular ETF – GLD, and mining stocks against Monetary Metals’ True Gold Leases.

The Case for Gold Yield in Investment Portfolios

Adding gold to a diversified portfolio of assets reduces volatility and increases returns. But how much and what about the ongoing costs? What changes when gold pays a yield? This paper answers those questions using data going back to 1972.

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