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Incrementum 2019 Gold Chart Book



The Most Comprehensive Collection of Gold Charts

Our friends at Incrementum have just published their newest Gold Chart Book, a complement to the annual “In Gold We Trust” report. A download link to the chart book is provided below.

The Incrementum Gold Chart Book is easily the most comprehensive collection of charts related to or relevant to gold available anywhere. It contains everything  from a wealth of economic to monetary data, to charts detailing sources of gold demand, to mining shares-related data, etc.

Included are of course also perennial favorites such as an update of the “gold-beer ratio” that measures how many beers at the Munich October-Fest an ounce of gold will buy (see above). All charts are accompanied by comments explaining their relevance to the gold market.

Here is the download link – enjoy!

Incrementum Gold Chart Book 2019 – Shining Through Darkening Recession Clouds [PDF]

Gold beer ratio,1950-2015

Gold beer ratio,1950-2015

As of late 2019 an ounce of gold will get you 115 liters of beer at the Munich October Fest – a 7-year high. Cheers! - Click to enlarge


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Pater Tenebrarum
Pater Tenebrarum is an independent analyst and economist/social theorist. He has been involved with financial markets in various capacities for 39 years and currently writes economic and market analyses for independent research organizations and a European hedge fund consultancy as well as being the main author of the acting-man blog.
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