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Cool Video: Euro Pressured Lower

As a long-term dollar bull, I was happy to accept Bloomberg TV’s invite to come to the set on the day that the Dollar Index made new highs for the year and the euro punched through the $1.1300 support that has held since mid-August.

Cool Video: Euro Pressured Lower

Bloomberg TV

The slightly less than two-minute video clip is a part of the discussion the euro’s drivers. While I tend to emphasize the macro forces at play, my day-to-date responsibilities include micro-market factors, like options expirations, chart patterns, and sentiment. Although I expect the euro to make new lows (currently targeting $1.08-$1.10) in the first part of next year, the next important chart point (retracement objective) is near $1.1180.
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Marc Chandler
He is Global Head of Currency Strategy of Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH). He has been covering the global capital markets in one fashion or another for 25 years, working at economic consulting firms and global investment banks. He regularly appears on CNBC and has spoken for the Foreign Policy Association. In addition to being quoted in the financial press daily, Chandler has been published in the Financial Times, Foreign Affairs, and the Washington Post. BBH provides specialist services and innovative solutions to many Swiss asset managers that include a global custody network of close to 100 markets, accounting, administration, securities lending, foreign exchange, cash management and brokerage services. Feel free to contact the Zurich office of BBH
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