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  1. Domenico Laruccia

    why are you so convinced that european will start consuming back? I live in Italy, and I travel Spain, the situation is worst everyday and reasons are not solved. How can they start consuming if EUR will not be depreciated through BCE’s currency deprectiation or through a German/Finland euro exit ? how can they start consuming with a economy eclipsed by a EUR over-evaluated by 40 to 50% of what their domestic currency will be, killing their business and industries and deleveraging not acting as required due to BCE interventions ?? bad reasons sourcing the problems are still there and even geting bigger day by day

  2. DorganG

    Domenico, you got the wrong post to write this. I am absolutely convinced about the upcoming Italian and Spanish lost decade. I will write Sunday afternoon about this. It has to do with 3% higher salaries and higher spending in Germany. Definitely no higher spending in Italy.

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