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What can be done to stop war in Ukraine with Yanis Varoufakis, Volodymyr Ishchenko and more

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A discussion brings more than just an exchange of differing opinions; it helps bring the full picture into the open and supplies vital fuel for the development of knowledge. A well-informed discussion can be one of the most inspirational, inspiring things on earth, since it quickly cuts through ignorance and illuminates the truth. We are in favour of open debates because they are a crucial tool we can use to achieve ever better understandings of our world.

As his economic policies have caused the country's GDP to shrink by 8-15 percent, and registered unemployment has skyrocketed. In this period of unbridled misery, Putin has chosen to cause further suffering with the declaration of war on Ukraine.

The speakers at this event will look for answers to these questions. Yanis Varoufakis, Professor in Economic Theory at the University of Athens, was Greece’s Finance Minister from January to July 2015. Volodymyr Ishchenko is a Kiev-based Ukrainian sociologist and political scientist. Ella Fânge is an independent analyst of international affairs, specialised on European integration and Belarusian politics. The three were invited by, a Dutch website providing news and analysis on global developments that lack media attention, and the Balie, a center for contemporary social issues based in Amsterdam.

Our panel takes on these issues and answers your questions.

0:00 Introduction by Mehran Khalili
2:35 Anna Koleshnichenko (Ukraine)
6:07 Elizaveta Sharygina (Moscow)
9:54 Nina Petrov (Serbia)
11:20 Yanis Varoufakis
19:00 Volodymyr Ishchenko
26:03 Questions and comments from Youtube chat
27:00 Ivana Nenadovic
31:27 Julijana Zita
35:10 Dusan Pajovic
41:05 Questions and comments from Youtube chat
41:44 Elizaveta Sharygina
43:38 Yanis Varoufakis
49:46 Nina Petrov
52:02 Questions and comments from Youtube chat
52:31 Volodymyr Ishchenko
55:51 Julijana Zita
58:13 Amir Kiyaei (DiEM25 Policy Coordinator)
1:00:25 Questions and comments from Youtube chat
1:01:05 Yanis Varoufakis
1:05:16 Closing

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