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The Trends Driving The Gold Price Right Now

What five trends are driving the gold price right now?

The gold price recently hit new highs but we can't help thinking that there's more to come. From central bank gold demand to US debt levels to China's brewing financial crisis, we cover it all in a GoldCore TV first

Stephen Flood and Jan Skoyles join GoldCore TV host and CEO Dave Russell to talk about the five trends driving the gold price right now. This time Jan picked five topics for us to discuss.

We discuss rising geopolitical risks such as tensions in China and the Middle East, the impact of rising US debt and inflation, and why central banks and investors are increasing gold reserves as a hedge. And listen out for why the gold price may decouple further from interest rates and benefit from a changing global economic landscape.

Panda-monium in China, central bank hypocrisy, the start of World War III - there's so much here but no doubt there's even more we could have covered. So let us know if there's anything we missed, or anything you didn't agree with us on - pop it in the comments below.

And after watching this, have you changed your views on the gold price? Do you think the price of gold has further to go?

For any questions or feedback, please drop a comment below or contact us directly. We love hearing from our viewers!
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