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This is needed for the silver price to follow gold higher

The silver price has lagged the gold price of late pushing the gold/silver ratio back above 88. This week we're talking to David Morgan - the silver guru about whether or not #silver has been "disenfranchised" as money over the past century in favour of #gold. Is this the start of another #silversqueeze ?

We also take a look at how industrial demand for silver from sectors like solar panels will continue to increase dramatically. So will it be industrial demand or investment demand that drives the #silverprice higher in the future leading to a silver squeeze?And is it still the metal of war?

We also look at geopolitical instability and concerns about fiat currencies as potential catalysts for renewed interest in silver. If you would like to learn more about David's upcoming documentary "Silver Sunrise" and follow him on X then click on the links below:

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