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Best Time To Buy Gold And Silver is Now! – David Brady

The best time to buy gold and silver is now, according to, #GlobalProTrader David Brady.
David shares with us his thoughts about gold as a hedge against inflation and gold as a hedge against the dollar. Using his personal trading methodology FIPESTxM, he discusses rising bond yields and the prospect of Yield Curve Control and how that will affect the prices of #GoldandSilver.

He explains why everyone should buy gold and silver now and why he believes that current developments mean that - There is No Alternative!

He believes that the gold price are being is being carefully monitored by the Central Banks as it acts like a canary in the coal mine, highlighting the problems of excessive money printing and how they will lead to inflation, hyper-inflation or even hyper-stagflation!

He compares the actions of the bullion banks in response to the movement in the silver price as being similar to the activities of the banks in the film The Big Short, trying to cover their own short positions and keeping the it suppressed while they do so.

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0:00 Intro
0:55 What is FIPEST xM?
2:02 The difference between real and nominal yields and why it is so important.
12:55 Why money printing to excess is set to continue.
13:55 How the Fed’s Open Market actions have influenced the gold market.
15:20 #YieldCurveControl is on the way.
17:49 Inflation is here.
18:49 The problem with the National Debt.
19:43 If the Fed start to control the yield curve can it ever be easily reversed?
20:50 Why there would be only one purchaser of US Bonds going forward.
21:24 The Fed’s Trilemma.
24:03 Precious metals – There is now no alternative.
24:20 Why Bitcoin is soaring, and gold is not.
26:57 Why Central Banks will not cede control of the money supply to Bitcoin.
30:29 The Brown Bottom.
32:33 #SilverSqueeze and the and the issue with silver premiums.
33:28 The Big Short parallel.
35:43 The velocity of money.
36:46 The looming threat of inflation.
39:33 The real inflation number.
41:07 The Gold/Silver ratio and why silver is set to soar.
43:03 What else should we be investing in?
48:31 Parting thoughts.


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