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Silver Expected to Rise as Gold Bottoms- Chris Vermeulen

#Silver Expected to rise as Gold bottoms, according to Chris Vermeulen of

In this video, Chris shows the charts patterns that he says predict #silverprices soaring and #gold bottoming. He believes now is the right time to accumulate gold.

He also discusses his views about crypto markets particularly bitcoin, and shares his take on bond markets and bond yields.

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00:00 - Intro
00:38 - Gold and Silver chart patterns
06:48 - Stock market analysis
10:05 - Flow of money continues in Crypto particularly in Bitcoin
13:50 - Bonds putting in the bottom
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  1. Peter Wilson

    HIT THE ????? BUTTON…

  2. T A

    I see the fixers, LBMA, Comex, and their inside helper the CFTC are pushing silver even lower today,….all while there is a shortage in the market. It makes so much sense, doesn’t it. What to do? Buy More Silver on their illegal and immoral manipulated dips!

    1. Technical Analysis: TheTechnicalTraders Review

      A great time to average down. Have you seen my latest research about it on my blog?

  3. LVPAT666


  4. John W

    Nice chat, I always appreciate the up-to-date overviews. Big blue thumbs up for you, kind sir.

    1. GoldCore TV

      Thanks John appreciate that!

    2. Technical Analysis: TheTechnicalTraders Review

      I LOVE getting the big blue thumbs up!

  5. Ramiro Moreira

    Sure, we can see that… ??

  6. Technical Analysis: TheTechnicalTraders Review

    Great to be on your show again and hope your listeners found the precious metals analysis helpful. If anyone would like more technical analysis they can stop by my free blog. Just click the link above in the video description.

    1. GoldCore TV

      Always a pleasure Chris!

      As a subscriber to Chris's work, I can highly recommend services, so go check out Chris's blog.

  7. TR P

    They won’t stop naked shorting it so that they can stack into Brinks vaults by the ton. Going to $12 soon!

    1. lTheZombiePlayal

      $12 doesn’t make sense, more like $24

    2. TR P

      @lTheZombiePlayal – name one thing that has made sense in 2020/2021 ?

    3. MrLTiger

      12$ happened last year. premiums skyrocketed to basically 66% so it still cost 20$ to buy an ounce when spot was "12"

    4. Technical Analysis: TheTechnicalTraders Review

      I hope so. Buy the dip!

  8. Bob Smith

    Nice one guys thanks

    1. GoldCore TV

      Thanks Bob

    2. Technical Analysis: TheTechnicalTraders Review

      I appreciate you watching! What did you learn?

  9. Martin Bater

    Good Yawn burger

    1. GoldCore TV

      Thanks, appreciate the feedback

    2. Technical Analysis: TheTechnicalTraders Review

      What would you have liked us to do differently?

    3. R B

      @Technical Analysis: TheTechnicalTraders Review Don't listen to him, it was great info. Thanks!

  10. GoldCore TV

    Great to have Chris Vermeulen back on GCTV, always great insights.
    Make sure to subscribe to our channel and hit the notification bell so you get notified every time we upload new content.

    1. Technical Analysis: TheTechnicalTraders Review

      One of my best updates yet! Can't wait to be back.

  11. Charlie Thornbury


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