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The Fed’s Nirvana Moment

(6/22/23) HOUR ONE: Investor sentiment vs Consumer sentiment: This is problematic for the Fed; a re-acceleration of Inflation? Housing is beginning to stabilize, with shallow inventory keeping prices high. What is moving Markets: Swiss & UK interest rate increases; Inflation is NOT coming down. the Fed's not done, despite falling headline inflation. YOY inflation may be at zero, but prices remain high. Core inflation remains high; when will the lag effect appear? What the Fed needs: Mild recession with high unemployment. Jerome Powell's comments; looking at Recession indicators. Why would the Fed cut rates now?? The risk of bank failures: Higher rates jeopardize bank holdings. What the Fed does affects only the short-end of the curve: Two-years max. The demand for bonds from money market funds. The Fed is trying to engineer a recession. The problem with jumping into things: Are annuities right for you? Always ask, 'what comes next?' There is a downside to annuities.

HOUR-TWO: (Live Q&A from Radio listeners & YouTube audience) Market pre-open commentary; pensions are going away; Is Advanced Auto Parts a 'wide-moat' company? (No.) Bond investment strategies. investing in precious metals & mining gold. Durations in Portfolios: Owning actual bonds vs TLT Funds. S&P 500 vs Equal Weight? Will higher unemployment help increase housing supply? (Yes.) Stock/Bond allocation recommendations; Who pays for new housing projects? Home Builders. more multi-family housing projects are facing a coming blowback: Too many being build. How do insiders invest? A peek through SimpleVisor tools. Market futures commentary: Nothing new from Jerome Powell expected today. Will the Fed stop hiking rates if unemployment rises? (Yes.) Economy is 70% consumption; production has to also be reduced. Markets are not cooperating. Reduce demand by reducing work. @-yr vs 30-year Bond Yields? (There will be some math involved.) Why 20-yr yields run higher than 10-yr. Separate Dividend stocks vs ETFs? Go for the stock. Pensions vs S&P 500.

0:00 - HOUR-ONE Tease/Intro:
0:49 - Investor & Consumer Sentiment Problematic for the Fed
9:36 - The Fight for Inflation
21:10 - The Fed's Nirvana Moment
32:57 - The Good & Bad Sides of Annuities
HOUR TWO (Live Q&A):
44:30 - Market Commentary
47:59 - Investing for Retirement
53:44 - Bond Investing Strategies, S&P 500 vs Equal Weight
1:05:27 - Stock/Bond Allocation Recommendations
1:16:59 - The Fed's Unemployment Goals; Calculating Bond Yields
Hosted by RIA Advisors RIA Advisors Chief Investment Strategist Lance Roberts, CIO
Produced by Brent Clanton, Executive Producer
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