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Are Market Bubbles a Function Of Psychology?

There are three components of a “market bubble.” The first two, price and valuation, often get dismissed or rationalized during the inflation phase. That rationalization is due to investor psychology and the “Fear Of Missing Out (F.O.M.O.)

Stop the re-makes of '80's movies (Roadhouse)! Markets are going into 5th straight month of gains, remaining over-bought and trading in a very narrowly-defined trend channel. Money going into cryptocurrency (Memecoin) is indicative of late-cycle market speculative mood. The Coffee Maker saga continues; Market Bubble Psychology: What defines a market bubble. No two market bubbles are a like (w charts). The Fed's Dot Plots are worthless. How will the latest CR be funded? (More debt.) The mechanics of Social Security: more retirees earlier than expected. The things that always get paid when the government shuts down. The Baloney Bill is full of non-performing spending.

3:08 - '80's Movie Re-makes & Market Correction's a-comin'
14:32 - Coffee Maker Saga, Pt.2
17:33 - Market Bubble Psychology, Pt.1
30:10 - Coffee Pots & Marital Advice
31:36 - Three Factors of Market Bubbles
44:30 - Don't Pay Attention to the Fed's Dot Plot

Hosted by RIA Advisors Chief Investment Strategist, Lance Robert, CIO
Produced by Brent Clanton, Executive Producer
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