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5-20-24 Disinflation Remains The Bigger Risk

NVDIA & Fed speakers are in the spotlight this week; stock buyback are running higher than normal. The risk of recession; when will the Fed cut rates? Durable Goods are in deflation; Services are seeing higher inflation, tied to discretionary spending. Markets finish previous week at all time highs; when will they pull back? Wathcing for a bullish cross of the 20- and 50-DMA. AI can now lie and cheat; bad economic news is good news; the majority of earnings growth is coming from ten stocks; the impact of retail sales, debt ratios, and falling consumer spending. The connection between retail sales, CPI, PCE, & GDP; NFIB Inflation stats. Stocks are rallying in anticipation of Fed announcement, not stock buyback action. Power outages & Kolaches; Zoom and Palo Alto to report this week. Note the barriers to entry in considering a company's stock.

3:12 - NVDIA & Fed Speakers in Spotlight
14:51 - Teaching AI to Lie & Cheat; Bad News is Good News
30:20 -The Connection between Retail Sales, CPI, PCE, & GDP
44:23 - Power outage, Kolaches, & Barriers to Entry to Consider

Hosted by RIA Advisors Chief Investment Strategist Lance Roberts, CIO
Produced by Brent Clanton, Executive Producer
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