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Winning in Gold is a Patient Money Strategy | Eric Sprott Strikes Gold with Great Thunder Gold Corp.

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Billionaire Gold Investor Eric Sprott holds a 15% stake in Great Thunder Gold Corp., ticker symbol GTGFF. With Eric's track record of success we take a look at Great Thunder Gold Corp., and quickly realize what Eric noticed. Gold Thunder Gold Corp. has purchased mineral rich land near the Fenelon gold camp and is actively drilling. Fenelon has a proven track record of impressive gold mineral discovery. Great Thunder Gold Corp. also holds a stake in Canada's proven lithium mining sector. As a diversified company, Great Thunder is poised to benefit on rising Gold prices as well increased demand for lithium-ion batteries supporting the growing Electronic Vehicle (EV) sector.

With Great Thunder Gold, Eric Sprott’s staking a claim in an emerging leader in Canadian gold and lithium. You can stake your claim as well, and it’s a great time not only because the gold and lithium prices are set to move higher, but also because Great Thunder’s stepping up the company’s drill campaign.

This video was conducted on behalf of Great Thunder Gold, and was funded by Gold Standard Media LLC. For our full disclaimer, please visit


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I am not a registered Financial Advisor. I love to accumulate Gold and Silver Coins and Bars as part of my financial freedom strategy. I believe in wealth retention through physical accumulation of Gold and Silver Coins and Bars. I also enjoy investing and trading in the stock and crypto currency markets to build wealth.

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Established in February 2008, Sprott Money Ltd. is a leading precious metals dealer providing gold coins, silver coins and bullion bars. As one of Canada’s largest owners of gold and silver bullion, the company’s goal is to facilitate ownership of precious metals no matter how big or small the portfolio. Since its inception Sprott Money Ltd. has prided itself on superior customer relations, providing its clients with only the highest quality bullion products in addition to delivering them discreetly and on time. Wholesale - - - Retail - - - Institutional
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