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Sprott Money News Ask the Expert – June 2022 – Brent Johnson

Brent Johnson is the founder and CEO of Santiago Capital. He manages $175mm for High Net Worth families and has over 20 years of financial experience. His knowledge of precious metals, currency markets & macroeconomic trends and have been featured in many podcasts, TV, and print media.

0:00 - Introduction
2:26 - What is your "Dollar Milkshake Theory" and what does this mean for the future of the dollar against other fiat currencies?
5:50 - Does the Fed fear a soaring dollar due to the deflation it would likely bring?
7:49 - Will the falling Japanese yen force the Chinese to devalue the yuan, too?
11:51 - Which precious metals is best to own in the years ahead?
13:24 - Do you have any thoughts on platinum and palladium?
14:46 - Your current opinion of the precious metals mining sector?
19:09 - What is more likely to cause a Fed pivot?
23:32 - Outro

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