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2021 2 oz RCM Creatures of the North Werewolf Silver Coin – Money Metals Exchange

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Creatures of the North; Werewolf - First in a Brand New Coins Series by the Royal Canadian Mint

First Nations people as well as early European settlers in Canada have passed down frightening tales of terrifying creatures for hundreds of years. They Royal Canadian Mint now brings these stories out into the light with the Creatures of the North series of coins.

Beware the full moon! Tales of strange creatures in the night have always haunted our imaginations, and in the province of Quebec, the loup-garou werewolf is one of the most famous legends of all.

Werewolf sightings may date back to the age of New France, but in July 1767, an article in the Gazette de Québec cautioned the public to be on the look-out for a loup-garou in the guise of a beggar.

This fearless werewolf makes its debut on an RCM silver bullion coin in a unique 2oz size as the second issue in this terrifying series!

The Werewolf coin carries a 2021 date and is denominated at $10 CAD. Each is marked with its weight an purity; 2 troy ozs .9999 fine silver.

In addition to the striking design that will appeal to any bullion investor looking for something extra special, the Werewolf coin also incorporates renowned Mint security features, including the maple leaf lasermark and precise radial lines around the border. And at a full two ounces, the coin is thicker than a standard one- ounce bullion coin, giving it an especially satisfying heft.

New issues in the Creatures of the North series will be forthcoming, so investors should keep a watchful eye out to see which creature will emerge from its lair next!

The Royal Canadian Mint Werewolf - In an Impressive 2 Oz Size;

- The 2nd Release In the New Creatures of the North Series
- 2 troy ounces, .9999 fine silver
- Beautiful & Unique Design
- Affordable Premium

The Royal Canadian Mint Makes a Rare Departure From Reality

The mythological nature of the Werewolf sets it apart from the real-world animals usually featured on the Mint’s bullion coins. The departure presented a novel challenge for coin artist Gerald Gloade. With no photographs or specimens to go by, he had to investigate other sources to get the details right. Instead of consulting with zoological experts, Gloade consulted old folkloric texts and The Rooms’ historical archive of Newfoundland and Labrador culture.




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