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Matt Ridley: The EU Won’t Survive in Its Present Form

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John Mauldin
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    Let's see, how many errors in this one conversation; "Theresa May is heading for victory", "Corbyn is an admirer of Hugo Chavez and a Marxist', "Great Britain is heading for economic collapse". The English Establishment is quite shaken in there boots this morning.

  2. Philippe

    Here is where the Americans understanding on the EU is wrong. You only read or listen the British opinions. They have allways bin on the sidelines of the EU. The reality is that the EU has a trade surplus (something the USA can't say). The single currency, central bank, and it's institutions need reform. (The same can be said about the USA) It serves the countries like Germany if you think that the Euro is heading for disaster. It means that the Euro will be undervalued and makes German exports cheaper.

    1. Moose Moose

      the guy being interviewed is obviously not american.

    2. Alex May

      This is the problem for many other Countries in the EU/ Euro policy – everything seems to favour the German economy. There is a desperate need for the EU to reform. Problem is they never do.

  3. Stella Ash

    May Lied!!!! Traitor to her country!

  4. lmwrt

    With the amount of unspecialized immigration Europe is geting, that doesn't contribute to the GDP, destabilising it, Matt Ridley has at least a good point in his favour. Good interview.

    1. John Mattingley

      You make a good point. However, the problem is that indiscriminate immigration does add to GDP. – and that's why governments encourage it. The issue is that immigration doesn't contribute to productive GDP. Every time a Romanian knocks an old lady over in the street, steals a handbag and the emergency services get involved or an Albanian sells drugs and someone is hospitalised, then the cost of this recorded in GDP. Every time a Muslim claims benefits for an extra "wife", it gets recorded as GDP. None of it helps the productive economy.

      Essentially, the benefits of immigration are felt at the top of society, while the costs are borne by the lower middle and bottom.

      One has to ask the obvious question, if immigration is such an economic benefit, then why isn't the UK running a primary surplus instead of issuing slips of paper that our children will have to slave to pay.

      Having said that, immigration is directly analogous to alcohol: a little is great, a lot will kill, you. Quite frankly, in the UK, we have been on a three decade bender, and it's killing us.

  5. Marty Molloy

    Is this the same Matt Ridley who was chairman of Northern Rock when it experienced the first run on a bank in the UK for 150 years and had to be nationalised? Nationalised!!!! How much does that hurt a libertarian? Tell us the future based on your massive financial acumen, please do!

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